Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 527

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Chapter 527 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Store Manager Chi Qian, please listen to our excuse!

Hearing Lulu’s shout, the female staff named Minmin, who was inside the café quickly put down the phone in her hand.

Then she ran out quickly and went to the door.

When she saw Lin Yuan, her reaction was the same as Lulu’s.

She was dumbfounded.

Her face was full of amazement.

She couldn’t believe her eyes.

But there is no way, after the face value reached a full 290 points, Lin Yuan’s attractiveness to the opposite gender has reached its peak.

It is not exaggerated to say that he is actually a walking temptation.

Therefore the eyes of the female store staff were all focused on Lin Yuan.

They did not even notice Chi Qian on the side.

While Minmin looked blankly at Lin Yuan, Lulu began to react.

She quickly stepped forward to Lin Yuan and asked eagerly: “Hello handsome, did you come for the cat café? My name is Lulu, and I’m staff here. If you come to our cat café, I can give you a 30% discount. Ah, no, a 50% discount!”

”Come and play handsome guy. Come and play! Our cats are super cute!”

If it hadn’t looked too desperate, Lulu would have forced Lin Yuan inside the cat café.

Lin Yuan just shook his head and smiled at the female staff who seems like pimping.

Chi Qian on the side was also speechless looking at the actions of her own staff.

The staff is acting like a nympho that they even ignored her, the cat café store manager.

Chi Qian has met Lin Yuan many times already.

She was already used to it so she also have forgotten about Lin Yuan’s charisma.

After understanding the situation, Chi Qian sighed.

Hearing Chi Qian’s sigh, the female staff finally realized the presence of Chi Qian.

They finally saw two girls beside Lin Yuan.

After finding out that there were two more guests, Lulu realized it would be very impolite to ignore the other guests.

Lulu greeted the other two guests quickly: “Hello two other guests, you may also come to our cat café to play with the cats… huh?… Ma… manager?!” Lulu was about to show her hospitality to the customers.

But she was only halfway through when she saw Chi Qian’s perfect white face.

Then she glanced at the extremely handsome Lin Yuan again.

She then glanced again at the café manager Chi Qian, who stands side by side with Lin Yuan.

The female staff Lulu is now a little awkward.

It was so obvious that Lin Yuan and Chi Qian knew each other since they are standing so close, they should be friends.

And she acted so desperate and even ignored Chi Qian just now.

Chi Qian should have witnessed it all.

Looking at Chi Qian’s faint smile, the staff Lulu quickly explained: “STore manager, store manager! Please listen to our excuse, ah, I mean please listen to our explanation! We did not offer him a discount because we saw that he is handsome! We did it because we saw you, store manager!”

”I saw the manager walking side by side with this handsome guy. That was why I was so enthusiastic about him and gave him a discount!”

Hearing what Lulu said, Minmin, the other female assistant also reacted.

She also hurriedly seconded: “Right, right, right! Manager Chi Qian, we only gave the discount when we saw this handsome guy with you. Additionally, Manager Chi Qian, I want to ask. Is this handsome guy your boyfriend? He is so handsome!”

While saying that, Minmin looked at Lin Yuan, and her big eyes automatically turned starry.

Because the two girls are her café staff so they have long been in contact with Chi Qian, adding to this is their similarity in their love of cats.

Although Chi Qian does not have much contact with other people, but there are still some people she has contact with, and gets along well.

So the relationship between Chi Qian and the two staff should be okay.

At this moment, the two café staff looked at Lin Yuan and Chi Qian interchangeably.

There was gossip and curiosity in their eyes.

Chi Qian then let it pass, smiled and waved her hand, and said: “This is my friend Lin Yuan and my roommate Shanshan. I brought them to enjoy at the cat café today. And it doesn’t matter if you give a discount. Anyway, the profits and losses of the café are your full responsibility.”

”Okay! That’s it”

”So this handsome guy’s name is Lin Yuan!”

Hearing what Chi Qian said, the two female staff finally heard the information they wanted.


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