Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 529

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Chapter 529

Cat buff, shocked girls!

Chi Qian doesn’t like showing off her wealth.

But she really likes cats.

At home, she watched cat videos by herself and laughed by herself.

Lin Yuan is also a cat person.

So he doesn’t mind Chi Qian showing off with her cats

It was some kind of competition.

It is a question of who will be more attractive to these cold cats.

Who can attract more cats to play with will win.

Chi Qian is already familiar with cats in the cat café

Therefore, the way she looks at Lin Yuan is naturally a little triumphant.

Because the cats in the cat café are naturally not welcoming to strangers.

As for Yu Shanshan, not even one cat seems to like her at all.

Even if Yu Shanshan was holding cat food, the cats wouldn’t even go to her and instead ran away.

They ignored her completely and she couldn’t even chase after them.

On the side, Chi Qian had one cat on her lap, while holding another one in her hand.

There has always been competition between Chi Qian and Lin Yuan.

But every time, it is Lin Yuan who won over Chi Qian.

This haunted Chi Qian’s mind always.

She always waited for the opportunity when she would win against him.

This time, she hoped she would win since the cats are cold towards strangers.

Chi Qian, therefore, has some confidence.

She is very popular with the cats in the cat café, and most of the cats are very friendly with her.

Chi Qian thought that, when Lin Yuan came in, he would probably be treated by the cats the same as they did to Yu Shanshan.

These cats are not very welcoming and warm to strangers.

It must be very difficult for him to draw the cats to him.

With this, even if Lin Yuan is also a cat person like her, Chi Qian is confident that she will win.

At this moment, Chi Qian was handing a cat to Lin Yuan.

She wanted to draw a perfect end to this victory.

Chi Qian had almost thought of what would happen.

Then she smiled triumphantly at Lin Yuan again.

Looking at the expression on Chi Qian’s beautiful face, how could Lin Yuan not know what she was thinking?

Lin Yuan understood what was going on in her mind.

He is also aware that this is a silent competition between them.

But Lin Yuan does not think that he will lose in this competition.

If it is based solely on the affinity to cats, the owner of the cat café, Chi Qian, shall have a greater advantage over Lin Yuan.

But if he remembered correctly, not long ago when his bodyguard Shi Shengnan’s loyalty reached a hundred points, he received a reward back then.

The reward at that time was called a ‘cat affection buff’.

This buff is just as the name says.

It must have a very strong effect on cats.

It should help him increase the degree of favorability and affinity towards these cold cats.

Lin Yuan knows that this buff must be definitely useful.

But Lin Yuan does not know yet how useful it is.

So just to be on the safe side, Lin Yuan spent some counterattack points to raise his cat affection buff to the divine level.

Although he is a cat person like Chi Qian and also likes cats very much, the cats in the café are really cold.

And Lin Yuan does not really like to lick anyone, even cats.

Therefore, he has raised his cat’s affection buff to the divine level.

Lin Yuan strode with his head up straight as he walked to the cat café with Chi Qian.

The sight of Lin Yuan entering the cat café stunned everyone present.

The two female staff, Lulu on the left and Minmin on the right were so shocked.

Yu Shanshan was so shocked that she retreated back to her seat.

Even Chi Qian turned pale with fright looking at Lin Yuan

That is because the moment Lin Yuan stepped in the door, a very magical scene happened!


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