Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 528

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Chapter 528 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chi Qian showing off!

Chi Qian and Lin Yuan are not in a boyfriend-and-girlfriend relationship. They are as of now just ordinary friends.

As for the discount, Chi Qian does not mind.

She only runs the café as a personal preference and not really to make money.

Chi Qian’s personality is relatively easygoing.

Seeing that Chi Qian did not really care, the two female staff, Lulu and Minmin, are no longer scared.

Then they circled directly towards Lin Yuan.

They started chattering while using the cats in the cat café as an excuse to pull Lin Yuan inside.

By the way, they also inquired about Lin Yuan’s contact information to contact him.

Lin Yuan smiled politely while chatting with the two staff.

Watching the two staff diligently surrounding Lin Yuan, Yu Shanshan on the side was a little depressed.

Her cousin is too popular.

Everywhere he goes, girls will surround him.

Even earlier in the villa, she felt that the way the mature sister Song Yuwei looked towards Lin Yuan was a bit weird.

And now, when he came to the cat café, the two female staff immediately wanted to get closer to him.

As for her, she was completely ignored like she was invisible.

There is Chi Qian, the store manager, and her cousin, the handsome guy.

Yu Shanshan was a little depressed as she was ignored completely.

In fact, as of the moment, Chi Qian on the side is also being neglected.

Seeing Yu Shanshan’s depressed appearance, Chi Qian smiled and said, “Let’s go Shanshan. Let’s go in and play with the cats.”

Seeing Lin Yuan being surrounded by Lulu and Minmin, Chi Qian was also uncomfortable.

She doesn’t know if it is because her employees are too much of a nympho or because they are surrounding Lin Yuan.

But naturally, she wouldn’t open her mouth to order and drive them away.

And thinking that she will be able to play with the cats, her discomfort was eased a little bit.

Hearing what Chi Qian said, Yu Shanshan also nodded.

She followed Chi Qian and opened the door to enter the cat café.

Not long after Chi Qian and Yu Shanshan entered the cat café, Lin Yuan also ended the chat with the two overly enthusiastic female staff.

Although the two female assistants look sweet and lovely, Lin Yuan is not that interested as she is used to seeing many beauties.

More than entertaining the two female staff, Lin Yuan likes to play with the cats.

And in the cat café, Lin Yuan is also after something very important.

And so Lin Yuan smiled and said to the two female staff: “Take me in to see your cats.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, the two female staff, Lulu and Minmin, also nodded repeatedly.

They followed Lin Yuan inside the cat café, one on the left and one on the right.

Pushing the door open to the cat café, Lin Yuan saw a group of cute cats.

Some were rolling on the ground.

Some were playing with cat toys.

Some were eating cat food.

It was simply a paradise for all the cat lovers in the world.

Then the female cat café staff, Lulu smiled and said to Lin Yuan: “Handsome guy, let me tell you one thing first. That is, the cats in our café have a very cold cat personality.

The other female café assistant also nodded and said, “Right, right. Cats are always known to be very cold. But our café’s cat is even worse. Maybe because of their usual contact with a beauty like the store manager Chi Qian, so they don’t want to get involved with ordinary people like us.”

”So if their attitude is a little cold, please don’t mind them handsome guy.”

”In fact, we… we can also roleplay as a cat. If the cat doesn’t play well, you may consider petting us instead…”

Minmin put her hands on her chest and said the same to Lin Yuan with a shy facial expression.

Hearing Minmin actually launching an offensive towards Lin Yuan first, Lulu glared at her and also told the same to Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan just smiled and shook his head ignoring them.

But thinking about the cat’s being cold, Lin Yuan looked ahead.

Chi Qian was seated on the sofa of the cat café hall at this time.

On her lap was a little white female cat.

There is also a cat in her arms.

At the same time, she also held a small cat in her hands.

At her feet, several cats were meowing.

The cats seem very close to Chi Qian

At this moment, the beautiful Chi Qian who is wearing a white dress is being surrounded by cute cats.

She looked like an elf princess in the forest.

She looked sweet, elegant, and extremely beautiful.

Perhaps, the same as what the female staff said, the cats are attracted to Chi Qian.

On the other side Chi Qian who was petting the cats, caught Lin Yuan’s gaze.

She immediately put down the cats and said to Lin Yuan: “Brother Lin Yuan, just as Minmin and Lulu said, the cats are really cold and unfriendly to strangers. They shall resist strangers at first but they will just need to warm up.”

Chi Qian continued and pointed to the three cats around her: “This one is pointy, this is pudding, and this one is a strawberry.”

As Chi Qian introduced, she gave Lin Yuan a rare proud smile.

Listening to Chi Qian’s unusual tone, and looking at her beautiful eyes and her triumphant smile, Lin Yuan finally understood.

Chi Qian is actually showing off!


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