Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 530

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Chapter 530

Pet me! Annoyed Chi Qian!

After Lin Yuan stepped into the cat café, all the cats looked at him.

Whether it was the cats who were originally in trance.

Or cats who were eating cat food.

Or cats who were fighting.

Or the cats being petted, even the ones being petted by Chi Qian.

They all stood straight and turned around their heads in unison.

They all stood straight as if they are soldiers in training!

The cats were like well-trained soldiers who just saw their general!

Their posture when they turned their head in unison is so shocking!

Lin Yuan looked ahead and saw that all of the cats were looking at him.

The eyes of every cat that looked at him were full of longing to get closer to him.

The eyes of these cats all seem to say the same meaning.

That is as if saying: “Come here! Come and pet me!”

There are also some cats who played with their paws and bodies.

They seem to be saying: “I have a gigantic bug crawling on me. Come on, pet me!”

At this moment, Chi Qian who was next to the cat café staff was also equally shocked and speechless.

She cannot believe what she’s seeing was real.

Lin Yuan took a few steps forward and the cats followed him in sight.

Wherever Lin Yuan went, the heads of the cats also followed.

It is evident to whom their eyes were focused.

Originally, Chi Qian and the others couldn’t seem to believe their eyes.

But at this moment, seeing how consistent the cats’ reactions were, they can just simply admit and believe it.

Wherever Lin Yuan went, the heads of the cats definitely followed.

Lin Yuan at this time was almost like a walking catnip.

Not only did the cats follow and stared directly at Lin Yuan, but they also meowed at him one after another.

Although it can’t be understood what they were saying, Chi Qian and the others could sense longing from their meow. They were all longing for Lin Yuan to pet them!

This scene simply defies common sense!

The girls could not understand and believe it.

Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan in shock.

And the female staffs, Lulu and Minmin, were also a little confused and couldn’t absorb and process the happenings.

Lulu and Minmin couldn’t believe how the cats which always had cold attitudes changed so suddenly.

They took care of the cats in the café and picked up cat litter every day.

They also used cat sticks to play with the cats, but they have always ignored them.

But they are okay with it since cats are really different from dogs.

Cats are like this, when they want to play, they will come to you and you must play with them.

But if they don’t want to, they will be indifferent to you.

Many people will therefore agree that cats are more like masters and their human owners are just ‘poo-poo cleaning officials’.

The cats in the cat café do not even respond to the café staff.

But why did they have such a reaction when it was their first time seeing Lin Yuan?

They seem so passionate at the first meeting!

They act like licking dogs!

The cats are too enthusiastic.

They seem like licking dogs to Lin Yuan. Ah no, more like licking cats!

This kind of difference in the cats’ treatment made the two female café staff very upset.

And even Chi Qian was shocked and felt jealous deep inside

She is obviously closer to the

She is the café manager.

She personally bought and brought these cats to the cat café these cats.

But now, the cats only saw Lin Yuan for the first time and they acted like crazy!

It seems they like Lin Yuan more than her!

They are too much like licking cats!

Chi Qian was quite upset and annoyed.


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