Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 531

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Chapter 531 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

The ‘fledgling swallow’ jumped into someone else arms!

This contrast made Chi Qian very upset.

She has always been quiet and cold.

She is rarely even a little angry.

But of course, she is not angry with Lin Yuan.

She was angry with these little cats!

Except for Yu Shanshan, basically, everyone present is all serious cat lovers.

After some time of psychological struggle, the two female staff, Lulu and Minmin, are not angry anymore.

Subsequently, their affection for Lin Yuan’ has increased a lot again.

The way they looked at Lin Yuan was full of love.

They realized that not only does he look so handsome to humans, but even animals like cats are also affected by his charm!

He must then be a very good person.

It also seems that the cats were also struck by this handsomeness.

The two girls were very busy thinking about these things.

Chi Qian on the side also calmed down her heart.

She absolutely did not expect that Lin Yuan would be too popular with her cats.

Anyway, both of them are cat lovers so it is fine.

They can just play with the cats together.

Otherwise, it would have been embarrassing on Lin Yuan’s part had he been ignored by the cats.

Right, that must be it.

At the same time, she also thought of a good reason as to how and why Lin Yuan was more popular with cats.

Anyway, she is also popular with cats, so it is a tie at the very worst.

There are also still many cats gathered around her waiting and wanting to be petted by her.

She isn’t that left behind.

Chi Qian finally felt relieved, then she smiled at Lin Yuan as she petted the kitten in her hand.

She then opened her mouth and said: “Brother Lin Yuan, I did not expect you to be so close…”

But she hasn’t even finished speaking yet when the cats that originally surrounded her all rushed to Lin Yuan’s side!

Suddenly, a larger number of cats gathered around Lin Yuan.

This was once again witnessed by the two female staff as well as Yu Shanshan.

All of them were stunned.

And Chi Qian froze in the middle of her words.

That is because not only the cats that surrounded her ran towards Lin Yuan.

Even the cats in her arms also ran to Lin Yuan!

The same jumped out of her arms directly and then landed on all fours.

They quickly ran towards Lin Yuan.

The ‘fledgling swallow’ jumped into someone else arms.

The instant reversal in the situation made Chi Qian stunned.

It was a direct betrayal!

Chi Qian stared closely at the ‘traitorous cat’

She felt a little… upset.

But Lin Yuan did not pay much attention to Chi Qian’s expression at this time. That is because a large number of cats surrounded him now.

Almost all of the moving cats in the cat café surrounded Lin Yuan.

They all ran to his feet.

They’re like stars surrounding the moon.

Lin Yuan then started petting these cats.

There are now little cats in his arms.

Lin Yuan recognized that the cats in his arms were Chi Qian’s.

He does not need to look twice to recognize Chi Qian’s cat.

He doesn’t need to guess what she might be feeling right now.

There are a lot of cats around him now and he is overwhelmed.

He can’t even pet all of them.

And everyone on the side can only watch.

The two café staff, Lulu and Minmin, yelled as they held cat food.

But none of the cats came over.

Chi Qian looked at Lin Yuan who was surrounded by cats.

There is a bit of a bitter taste deep inside.

Yu Shanshan who couldn’t touch a cat for a long time took the opportunity and ran to Lin Yuan’s side.

She decided to rely on Lin Yuan’s cat charm and forcibly caught a cat and stroked it a few times.

The cat did not want to be petted by Yu Shanshan.

But since the cat did not want to leave Lin Yuan’s side, it could only allow Yu Shanshan reluctantly.

Chi Qian also came over.

She looked at the cats surrounding Lin Yuan.

Obviously, the competition between her and Lin Yuan ends up in her defeat again.

She competed with much confidence, but it turned out that she failed again.

Looking at the little cats desperately clinging onto Lin Yuan, Chi Qian could only pick up a reluctant cat by force just to relieve her sadness, embarrassment, and frustration.

The cats that surrounded her earlier, Pointy, Pudding, and Strawberry were very close to her.

Now, they are all stuck on Lin Yuan’s body.

Looking at these cats, Chi Qian could only say resentfully: “I feed them every day, but it turns out that they are all white-eyed cats!” (T/N: White-eyed wolf = Wolves are known for being combative, vicious, and fierce, not to mention unappreciative and cold. So someone whose incapable of expressing gratefulness and appreciation and even bites the hand that feeds him might be called a White-eyed wolf)

Looking at how Chi Qian turned from an originally self-confident cat-lover to being resentful, Lin Yuan almost laughed.

Obviously, he is victorious again.

The winner is never stingy in responding to the loser.

There are many cats sticking to him at this time.

Lin Yuan casually picked up pointy and pudding then smiled and said: “Qian Qian, I give you back your cats.”

But Chi Qian shook her head and said: “No, I don’t want white-eyed cats.”

After saying that, Chi Qian’s white cheeks bulged slightly.

This added a touch of cuteness to her already beautiful face.


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