Novel Name : I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

Chapter 532

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Chapter 532 | I am a Gao Fushuai Villain

It is very soft. Brother Ln Yuan, would you like to touch it?

Although her face remained calm, Lin Yuan feels that she is quite cute.

Chi Qian’s face has always been immovable.

She is a serious cat-lover but was betrayed by her own cat or rather ‘switched to enemy’s camp’.

This made Chi Qian, who has always been cold speechless, and breathless.

She is like a cold fairy who acts cute for the first time.

Lin Yuan immediately picked up a cute little cat and then praised it: “It is so cute.”

Hearing what Lin Yuan said, Chi Qian’s body froze, her earlobes slightly flushed.

She didn’t know whether Lin Yuan praised her or the cat.

But she did not dare to look at Lin Yuan’s eyes to confirm.

Her heartbeat was slightly faster.

Chi Qian is well aware that she was upset and lost her composure.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Chi Qian turned around and slipped away.

But then she didn’t leave the cat café.

While petting the cat, a system reminder sounded in Lin Yuan’s mind.

[Ding! Chi Qian’s favorability +2! Reward: 2,000 counterattack points! ]

Lin Yuan is not surprised by the system prompt.

That is because after all, in this competition against Chi Qian, he won again.

Also, not long after Chi Qian slipped away from Lin Yuan, she returned.

It could be because there aren’t any more cats elsewhere.

Almost all the cats in the cafe surrounded Lin Yuan and as a serious cat-lover, Chi Qian still can’t resist the cats’ charm.

Of course, it has something to do with how she really feels about Lin Yuan. She does not hate him.

Although she was dismayed by how the cats betrayed her, she can only feel a little upset.

She still has a good impression of Lin Yuan.

The competition only started because she initiated the same.

Unfortunately, she lost again.

She is reminded of the original purpose of why they came to the cat café today.

She brought Lin Yuan over to play with the cats together.

That is because she wanted to express her gratitude towards Lin Yuan for helping her with the exam.

At the same time, Chi Qian is also puzzled as to how Lin Yuan made these cats crazy about him.

They must like him so much.

Chi Qian really likes cats.

After a while, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian peacefully played with the cats together.

Lin Yuan also chatted with Chi Qian.

Lin Yuan knew why these cats have such an affinity towards him.

It is due to the divine-level cat affection buff.

But Lin Yuan is also a cat person who likes cats very much.

He really had a good time playing with the cats and chatting with Chi Qian.

Both of them are very happy.

Lin Yuan fed the cats while Chi Qian pulled their paws and played with them.

They look very cute.

”Brother Lin Yuan, feel her paw. It is very soft. Would you like to touch it?” Chi Qian raised one of the cat’s paws and handed it over to Lin Yuan happily.

”Okay, let me touch it.” Lin Yuan smiled and took the cat’s paw from Chi Qian.

But the two touched each other’s hands instead.

Although it was just a quick contact, both of them suddenly glanced at each other.

Then Chi Qian looked away again.

It is not the first time they had close contact with each other but both of them felt a little strange deep inside

But they have a tacit understanding not to talk about it.

They just petted the cat together.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan and Chi Qian pulled the same cat’s claw one after another.

The distance between the two is very close to each other.

Chi Qian’s soft hair lodged on Lin Yuan’s shoulder.

Yu Shanshan, who had been unsuccessful in playing with the cats, stood up suddenly.

Then she shouted at Lin Yuan and Chi Qian, “Stop!”

Lin Yuan and Chi Qian looked doubtfully at her, then Yu Shanshan said: “Don’t move. Stay still!”

Then she quickly took out her phone and took a photo of the two.

”Shanshan, what are you doing?” Chi Qian looked suspiciously at Yu Shanshan.

Lin Yuan also asked: “Shanshan, what do you want to do again?”

Hearing what they said, Yu Shanshan puckered her lips and said: “What else do you think I am doing? I am capturing your very special moments. You didn’t even thank me and gave me red envelopes, but now you are blaming me? Hmmphh”

After saying that, Yu Shanshan brought her mobile phone and showed the photos that she took to both Lin Yuan and Chi Qian.


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