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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1262

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Chapter 1362

Maisie was stunned. “Does she have a bad father–daughter relationship with Edward?”

Savdie shook her head. “I’m not sure about that, but that‘s the general situation. Ms. Xavier
would have a fight with her father from time to time, and the staff often heard him say
that it‘s a shame that Ms. Xavier is a woman.”

‘It‘s a shame that Elaine is a woman?‘

Maisie frowned, and understanding soon dawned upon her.

Edward did not plan to nurture Elaine at all. In his eyes, his daughter was going to marry another
man in the future, so no matter how capable she was, she would never
stay in Beyond Technology and the Xaviers forever.

She thought for a while and said to Saydie,” Help me to make an appointment with Ms. Xavier.” ·

Several days later, at Beyond Technology…

Elaine walked toward the CEO‘s office with a document in her hands, her face grim. The
staff in the department had already gotten used to it, and just as they expected, a smack” echoed from
the CEO‘s office as she hurled the document on Edward‘s


Edward frowned and lifted his head. “What is this about, Elaine?”


“What is this about? Why don‘t you ask yourself? I‘m the one who led the IT department crew to do Kon
tact’s planning all these years, and without us, Kontact wouldn‘t be
as popular as it is today. It doesn‘t matter if you don‘t ask my opinion, but how can
you transfer me to another department without my permission?”

Elaine shouted so loud that the people outside all turned their heads to look toward the CEO‘s office.

They could see everything that was happening inside. All of them put their heads together and talked to
each other.” Mr. Xavier transferred Ms. Xavier to another department?” |

“Isn‘t Ms. Xavier Mr. Xavier’s daughter? She and her team
in the IT department have contributed a lot to Beyond Technology. Even if he chose to ignore her contri
bution, how could he transfer her to another department for
no reason? Don‘t you think it‘s a little bit unreasonable?”

After all, nobody would be able to accept it if they were transferred
to another department despite having done a great
job in their department, were part of the administrative level, and
had their contributions taken away from them.

If it were another person, they might have quit already.

Another staff member said in a low voice,” I heard that it‘s because Mr. Xavier doesn‘t want to
pass the company to Ms. Xavier, so he intentionally ignores her contribution. Besides, Ms. Xavier is goi
ng to marry another man in the future. Once she gets married, does it not mean
that she has become an outsider?”

“There is no such thing. Even if she‘s married, they‘re still a family.”

“That‘s because your emotions easily sway you people. What if your
husband is a bad guy and takes advantage of your feelings to take over the company for himself? In my
I don‘t think MF. Xavier has done anything wrong.”


“That‘s stereotyping. Who told you that our emotions easily sway us?”

At that moment, Maisie and Saydie emerged from the elevator. They heard the discussion between the
said in a serious voice, “Elaine, I
have my considerations. It‘s without a doubt that you‘re very capable and I‘m very proud of you. Howeve
get married in the future, I‘m sure your husband won‘t want a pushy wife, right?”

Elaine did not know
if she should be laughing or getting angry right now. “Is this how you look at me, Dad? It’s because I‘m n

Edward‘s face turned stern as
he said,” Alright, Elaine. Let‘s stop arguing over something useless like this.

“I really feel sorry for your current wife.‘

“Elaine!” Edward smacked the desk and roared, “I said stop it!”

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