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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1280

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Chapter 1380

Since celebrities made a lot of money, the salary of their personal stylists would definitely be quite subs
tantial. Moreover, if the stylist‘s design was uncommon and amazing, they might even become a popula
r brand. With that, a stylist could decide how much they wanted to charge for their services.

It was the equivalent of someone paying you for your services, yet you would still be able to specify the
price for your services.

Hector laughed. “Sounds like you‘re desperate for money.”

“Of course. Who isn‘t?” Lucy said matter–of–factly. “Workers like us working in first–
class cities have to work our *sses off to make money.”

He nodded. “True.”

Soon, they arrived at his car. He stopped and looked at Lucy. “Do you need a ride over?”

“No, thanks. I can drive myself.” She ruímaged in her purse for her car keys, felt for them, and
frowned. “Hey, where are my keys?

Lucy continued searching. She remembered putting her car keys in her bag last night.


They heard Elaine shouting from 12 floors up. They looked up to see her standing on the balcony, looki
ng down. “I‘m going to use your car today. I‘ve got your keys. You figure out how to get to the office, alri

With that, she proudly pocketed the car keys and returned to the apartment.

Fuming, Lucy held herself back from cursing.

She took a deep breath and looked awkwardly at Hector. “In that case, yes, please. I‘ll have to trouble
you to drive me to the office.

Soon after, they arrived. Hector parked in front of the Soul‘s branch office.

Lucy got out and waved toward Hector, who was in the car. “I‘ll go in now. You take care and drive slowl

He pursed his lips and smiled as he watched her enter the building. Then he turned around and drove i
n the direction of Soul‘s office.

Maisie was sitting in her office reading documents
when Saydie knocked on the door and walked in. “Ma‘am.”

Maisie looked up to see Hector coming in behind Saydie. She put the file down and stood up. “Hector, y
ou‘re back in the country?”

Saydie backed out, closing the door behind her,

Hector smiled and said, “Yeah, I‘m back.”

Maisie walked up to him and held his chin as she
sized him up. “Not bad. It seems that sending you overseas to further your

studies was the right choice.”

Hector was wearing a light blue suit with a black turtleneck and dark trousers. He looked like a casual b
usinessman–simple and


Maisie walked to the sofa and sat down. She poured two cups of tea and waited for him to sit
down. “Does your father know that

you‘re back?”

He nodded. “I told him.” “About Linda…” Maisie frowned, “I‘m sorry I couldn‘t persuade her.”

He picked up his teacup. “I know, cuz, but I can‘t blame you for that.”

Maisie smiled. She slowly drank her tea and changed the topic. “Have you found a job since you came b

“Well, the entertainment company is in a hurry to hire a stylist. I went for an interview, and I passed,” he

She asked, “Which entertainment company?”


Maisie sneered. “I thought you would choose Royal Crown.”

He looked down. “Royal Crown is a company owned by my cousin–in–
law, but I still want to try working at other companies.”

Maisie looked at him. “That‘s not a bad idea, If you do well in other companies, it doesn‘t matter where y

Then she stood up. “Have you had breakfast? Do you want to grab breakfast together?” “Sure!”

Maisie drove to a high–
end restaurant. She had reserved a seat by the window in advance. When they arrived, the
waiter brought them to their seats and handed them the menu with both hands.

After they ordered and the waiter left, Maisie looked at him. “Was it difficult for you when you were all alo

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