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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1278

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Chapter 1378

Lucy ignored Elaine.

When she was done cooking dinner, Elaine seized the moment and quickly
ran next door and knocked on the door.

It took a long time before Hector finally opened the door. He seemed to have just come out of the show
er as he smelled of very fresh soap. He had casually put on a loose lounge T–
shirt and pants before coming out to answer the door. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“It‘s fine. Do you live alone?” Elaine peeked into the house upon saying that.

Sure enough, it looked like he lived alone! The living room was spacious and clean. There
were no women‘s shoes on the shoe rack.

“Uh…” Hector hesitated. “About dinner, I think=”

Elaine didn‘t give him a chance to refuse and quickly
dragged him out: “I asked my sister to make an extra portion for dinner tonight. It will be a waste if you
don‘t come to join us.“.



Thus, Hector was forcefuily brought next door.


When Lucy heard the commotion outside the door, she looked up and met Hector‘s gaze. She almost l
ost her grip on her fork.


Elaine did not notice Lucy‘s shock. She smiled and introduced her sister to Hector. “This is my sister, L

Hector looked at Lucy. “You live here?”

“Uh… Yeah.” Lucy nodded, startled.

Elaine looked at
them and realized something was amiss. Surprised, she asked, “You know each other?”


The three of them sat at the dining table. Only then did Elaine find out Lucy and Hector were colleague
s three years ago. What a small world! To have
been colleagues three years ago and end up as neighbors three years later
after not keeping in contact with one another. That was fate!

There was an awkward silence in the room. Lucy nibbled her fork and broke the silence. “When did you
get back?”

Elaine looked at him.

Hector smiled and said, “This week.”

Lucy asked again, “Does Ms. Vanderbilt know?”

He grunted. “I haven‘t told her,”

With that, Lucy didn‘t ask any more questions.

Elaine kicked her foot under the table, causing Lucy to frown and look in her direction.

Elaine shot her a look that said: “Is that all we‘re talking about?”

Lucy shifted her foot away: Although she and Hector were once colleagues, that was three years ago.
Moreover, they had not contacted each other for three years. How could she have the nerve to pry into
any more of his life‘s details than that? Did Elaine want her to ask
about his bank account details as well!?

They proceeded to eat in silence. When Lucy reached out to fork
a pork rib from the sharing platter, Hector just so happened to have targeted the same rib. The
two of them paused midway and looked up at each other. Then, they both pulled back their forks and s
aid in unison, “You first.”

As an unwilling participant in such an awkward situation, Elaine simply butted in and took away the
pork rib. “If you guys won‘t eat it, I will.”

Suddenly, Lucy‘s cell phone rang. She checked the caller ID, but before she could answer, Elaine snatch
from her and saw it was her mother, “I‘ll answer it,”

“Hey, you–”

Before Lucy could finish, Elaine walked to the balcony to answer the call.

Hector looked up at her. “You‘re still working at my cousin‘s company, right?”

Lucy looked away and scratched her cheek with a smile. “Ah, right. I‘m still
working there.” Then she added, “The benefits Ms. Vanderbilt gives are quite good. The main thing is tha

“That’s right.” Hector lowered his eyes and did not deny it. “There‘s no
doubt about that. She‘s really good.”

“Ms. Vanderbilt will be very happy to know you‘re back” Lucy said as she placed the pork ribs on her pla

He laughed out loud. “Let‘s hope so.”

After dinner, Hector returned to his apartment. As Lucy cleared the table,


Elaine walked over with a glass of water and leaned close to her. You like him?”

Lucy paused and looked up. “Who said that?

You don‘t like him? That‘s a pity. I‘m sure many girls like a handsome man like him.” Elaine slowly drank

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