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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1294

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Chapter 1394

However, after Nollace left her, Daisie and Lisa could never go back to how they used to be.

Zephir studied her face meticulously. Even though her face was pale and she was disappointed, she
pretended to be strong.

He chuckled and continued. “It’s okay. Life is long. I’m sure you’ll come across better friends along the

He paused for a moment before adding, “If you need any help, just turn around. I’ll always be waiting
for you.”

Daisie was stunned. She pressed her lips thin and replied, “Thank you, Zeph.”

Zeph replied with a faint smile. “You’re welcome.”

Daisie felt a lot better after talking to Zephir. When she was leaving, she waved at him with a smile on
his face.

Zephir looked at her, and the smile on his face faded when she disappeared from his sight.

He took his phone out and took a look at the message.

He replied: (No schools are allowed to accept Lisa Fraiser.]

That day in the library, after Daisie had bumped into him and had run away sadly, he had gone in only
to find that Lisa was talking about Daisie behind her back with her classmates.

Daisie was an angel. She did not deserve such betrayal and comments, so he investigated Lisa.

When he found out that Leah had been bullying Lisa, he went to collect more information about Lisa
from Leah, and it was only then he learned Lisa had been showing off her wealth with the gifts Daisie
gave her.

Besides, he had heard from someone that they saw Daisie arguing with Lisa in front of the mini-mart
that day, so he decided to expose Lisa. In his opinion, a perfidious girl like Lisa did not deserve to stay
in their school.

At Lakeview Apartment…

Lucy took a day off because she had a fever. She slept until noon before she got up to go to the
pharmacy downstairs to buy antipyretic medicine. She walked into the elevator groggily.

When the elevator reached the 12th floor

and the door opened up, she collapsed onto the floor as soon as she exited the elevator:

By the time she came around to her senses, she found herself lying in the hospital getting an infusion.
She could vaguely hear that the nurse was talking to someone outside. “She has a fever and
hypoglycemia. That’s why she fell unconscious. She just needs to take some rest after the fever is
gone. She’ll be fine.”

When the door to the ward was pushed open, Lucy was stunned when she saw Hector. ;

Hector walked up to her and asked, “You’re awake. What do you feel now?”

Lucy’s face was pale. “Did you send me to the hospital?” “Yeah,” he replied. “You fell unconscious in
front of your house. You had a fever, so I

brought you to the hospital! “I see. Thank you, then,” she replied, offering him a smile.

“Don’t mention it.” He sat on the chair beside the bed. “Are you feeling better now?”

She nodded. Perhaps she was having a fever right now, so her voice was weaker and softer. “I don’t
feel as dizzy anymore. Maybe I’ll recover after sleeping for a while.”

“Then maybe you should get some rest.” Hector looked at her.

Lucy still felt a bit tired after getting the infusion. She closed her eyes and fell into slumber.

When she woke up again, the sky had already gone dark.

Elaine was sitting next to her bed. “Yo, you‘re awake.”

Lucy seemed a lot better right now, and she asked, “What are you doing here?”

“What am I doing here? Look after you, of course. If not, who else do you think can take care of you
now? That boy?”

Lucy was stumped.

Elaine clicked her tongue and continued.” He asked me here. He has something to attend to and
doesn’t feel comfortable leaving you alone.”

After she finished talking, she sighed.” Honestly, he’s not bad, Not only did he send you to the hospital,
but he even stayed back


and looked after you for three hours.”

* Lucy rubbed her temples and did not say anything.

At that moment, a delivery man showed up with take-out in his hand. “Are you Ms. Lucy Xavier?”

Lucy was dumbfounded for a while before answering, “Yes, I am.

“This is your take-out.” The delivery man put the take-out on the table and left.

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