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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1299

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Chapter 1299

“Mother, please just stop. Linda is already lying in the morgue, so what else do you want?” Yorick felt v
ery upset too.

Madam Vanderbilt shut up wisely.

Maisie did not take Madam Vanderbilt‘s words to heart and looked at Yorick. “I‘ll pay for the
funeral‘s expenses. We‘ll get to the bottom of the incident when we find out about the cause of the acci

At Blackgold…

Quincy walked next to Nolan. “Mr.

Goldmann, I‘ve located the nightclub for which Linda worked before this. The
owner is known locally as Mr. Donovan, and he runs an illegal loan shark organization. His nightclub bu
siness isn‘t clean either, as he provides special services for his guests.

“I also found out that
he often exploits his female employees, deceiving them into taking nude loans from
him. When they cannot pay him back, he‘ll get them to serve guests according to his requirements.”

Nolan‘s gaze looked keen. “Who does he have supporting him from behind the scenes?”

Quincy skimmed through the information.” Among his clientele is Mr. Saldana from the Fortune Building
Inc. By the way, Mr. Saldana once had
business dealings with the Hannigans three years ago, but there doesn‘t seem to be any obvious intera
ction between the two companies over the past three years. So, maybe you can turn to Mr. Hannigan fo
r more information. He should know something about this.”

Nolan did not say anything. When the two
of them passed by the elevator, a woman stepped out of the elevator abruptly and bumped into him.

Quincy was about
to teach the woman a lesson, but he was momentarily stunned when the woman lifted her head.

Cecile had already seen Nolan pass by from within the elevator, and she had
chosen to bump into him on purpose.

She could not contain
her excitement and pretended to be caught off guard. “I‘m sorry, I‘m really sorry, I didn‘t see you.”

Nolan glanced at the woman indifferently and gave off a faint frown.

‘She‘s the woman that appeared on one of the interview documents. But this woman gives me a strang
e feeling, just like what Quincy told me before, and I don‘t like this sensation.

Nolan unbuttoned his jacket and walked away without saying a word.

Quincy took a glimpse at the woman, smiled at her out of courtesy, and immediately
caught up to Nolan‘s footsteps.

Nolan took off his jacket because another woman‘s
perfume had stained it. He then threw the jacket into the cleaning cart parked in the corridor by the

Quincy felt extremely helpless.

‘This jacket costs thousands of dollars, yet he throws it away just because he feels like doing so. If Mrs.
Goldmann were to learn about his action, she‘d definitely reprimand Mr. Goldmann for being such a pr
odigal man!

Cecile naturally saw this scene, and the corner of her lips twitched
slightly. Now that I got a closer look at him, he looks even more attractive than he was a few years back

She rubbed her fingertips across the corners of her lips, and her eyes looked cold. ‘As expected of a m
an that you can‘t even keep by your side

Linda‘s body
was cremated at the funeral home, but Madam Vanderbilt did not attend the funeral. Yorick and his wife
were the only ones who were there by Linda‘s coffin when it was time to send her off.

When the cremation process was over, the staff handed an urn to Yorick.

Yorick held the urn in his hands, feeling deeply aggrieved and sorrowful.

Maisie walked out of the funeral home with them.

Yorick turned to look at her before she sent them into the car, “Zee, thank you.”

Maisie nodded. “Bring this back and organize a proper
burial for her. I‘ll get back to you when we get our hands on the investigation results.”

Yorick and his wife got into the car and left.

After the car disappeared from her sight, Maisie followed Saydie back to the car.

Saydie asked if Maisie wanted to return to the company, and Maisie replied, “We‘re heading to Blackgold

Maisie and Saydié appeared at
the Blackgold Group. All the staff members who worked at Blackgold‘s front desk knew about Maisie and
smile.” It‘s nice to see you, Mrs. Goldmann.”

Maisie walked up
to the elevator dedicated to the CEO, and Saydje pressed the button on the wall. When the doors opene

they were about to step into the elevator, someone stopped her. “Are you Mrs. Goldmann?”

Maisie stopped, turned around, and looked at the woman who
was approaching her. She squinted slightly as if she had seen the woman standing in front of her somew

She looked almost perfect as she approached them–
her stern and gorgeous face subconsciously made Maisie think of someone.

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