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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1314

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Chapter 1314

Maisie was stunned. “He didn‘t like her?”

Alfred sighed. “Lorraine came from the maternal side of the family and is considered a distant relative.
Although it was already in the post–
reform era, the Wolfsbanes were a huge and wealthy family at that time and retained some feudal ideol

“Mr. Summers was a boy, so he had better education, but Lorraine‘s story was different. She
didn‘t have the opportunity to attend school at that time, so her education level was different from that o
f Mr. Summers, and it was difficult to get along with someone whose ideas and concepts were
so distinct from hers.

“What‘s more, Lorraine was Mr. Summers‘s cousin, so in other words, he was forced to marry his own c
ousin. Even though they weren‘t closely related, still, not many people could accept it back then.”

Maisie was a little surprised to hear that. Marriages between close relatives were basically an ancient tr
adition. It was very common before the late 19th century, especially
amongst large and prestigious families in which they wanted to preserve the family‘s wealth, maintain g
eographic proximity, and keep traditions.

It was just like the royal families of some countries nowadays–
they were still keen on marriages between close relatives, which was not acceptable to everyone.

Maisie did not expect that Rowena‘s parents would get connected through such a tie.

She placed the photo frame back and thought of something. “Grandfather claimed that he brought Row
ena in and raised her because of the death of her parents. Is that true?”

“That‘s right.” Alfred nodded and explained slowly, “It was only after Lorraine‘s death that Elder Master
Goldmann brought Rowena with him. He also promised the Summers he would take good care of Row
ena. Sigh, Elder Master Goldmann wouldn‘t be that disappointed if Rowena hadn‘t done something like
that back then.”

Maisie asked out of the blue, “What about her father?”

Alfred was about to answer the question, but Nolan appeared at the door at that moment. ““If you want
to know about these, why didn‘t you”

Maisie was startled at first but then walked up to him with a smile. “That was fast.”

He raised his eyebrows slightly. “Was it fast?”

Seeing that he meant something again, Maisie kicked him.

Nolan ducked and laughed. “How could you beat your husband in front of Alfred?”

Maisie choked on her own words. “I didn‘t hit you!”

“You should carry on with the task on hand.” Maisie turned around, looked at Alfred, who was smiling, a
nd said so as she pushed Nolan out of the study. In the corridor, Nolan was pushed by her to the door o
f their bedroom. He turned around abruptly, and Maisie was caught off guard and fell into his arms.

Nolan caught her and pinched her chin. Wow, you can‘t wait any longer, huh?” “Yes, I
can‘t wait any longer. Now let me in!” She laughed angrily and pushed Nolan into the room.

Nolan leaned against the wall, wrapped his
arm around her soft, slender waist, and asked with a hint of amusement flashing across his eyes, “Wha
t do you want to know?”

She snorted. “You stood at the door and eavesdropped the whole time, didn‘t you? Then answer the que

Nolan picked her up abruptly, and Maisie subconsciously wrapped her arms around his neck. “You have

“Aren‘t you tired of talking while standing?” He sat on the edge of the bed, still holding her in his arms, a
of the equation at that time.”

She was slightly stunned.

Nolan continued calmly. “Uncle Summers was found dead in a foreign country a few years later. I heard

Maisie lowered her gaze, and her eyelashes trembled. “So that‘s her story…”

Nolan caressed her cheek with his palm.” In addition to helping the Summers take care of Rowena beca

“She spent more time with her mother since she was a child, but her mother did not treat her
well because she was a girl, and she didn‘t get to see her father very often. So, perhaps Rowena‘s exist
biological grandson.”

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