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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1324

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Chapter 1324

The wolf won the game when the shepherds quarreled. Of course, they were able to get her.

Nolan narrowed his eyes. “Is everyone already in their positions?”

Quincy nodded. “Yes. We‘ve got people watching the sea, near the airport, and the state highways.”

He turned around and went out. “Then, let‘s roll out.”

When Cecile arrived at the pier, she saw that there were a few cars around the pier. She stopped her c
ar and made a call. * Where are you?”

The voice from the other side of the line told her that they were still on their way.

They also told her that there was a roadblock along the way.

Cecile stared at the few cars on
the pier, and her face slowly turned grim. “You guys don‘t need to come here anymore. You guys try to
get yourself out of there first.”

Before the person could say anything, she ended the call decisively. She threw a look at the pier and le

Meanwhile, Maisie and Saydie came out of Glitz. Just when she was about to get into her car, her phon
e rang.

When she saw it was an unknown caller number, she hesitated for a while before answering it. “Hello.”

“It‘s me.”

Maisie frowned. “Ms. Wolfsbane?” ‘Cecile should be on the run right now. Why would she call me?‘

The woman on the phone chuckled, “What a good show you and Mr. Goldmann have put up. You nearl
y got me.”

Something crossed Maisie‘s eyes, and she smiled. “What do you mean, Ms.


Cecile looked out of the window and said,” You guys aren‘t going to get
divorced, are you? You worked together to stage a show to force me to show my true face, right?“: She
had sent Brian to check if
it was true that they were getting a divorce. When Brian suddenly said he would turn himself in, she kn
ew he must have been busted.

She thought there was a change of plan, and they had to leave immediately.

However, a few cars were on the pier, and her men were still stuck halfway down the road due to a roa

Once they were found out to have entered the country illegally during
the roadblock, they would be detained It seemed to her that they were prepared for her.

After Cecile finished talking, Maisie chuckled. “Are you sure it isn‘t because of your identity that you got
exposed, Ms.



“Stop beating around the bush. So what if you guys know who lanı?” Cecile laughed coldly. “Are you
going to arrest me? I‘m the one who helped you get rid of Linda.

Shouldn‘t you be thanking me?” .

Maisie‘s face sank. “No matter how bad
the relationship betweeny Linda and me was, you shouldn‘t have killed her, Maxine.”

Cecile laughed. Even when her identity was revealed, she didn‘t deny it or get nervous. “As I expected,
out like this. It isn‘t challenging at all.”

Maisie frowned. “Do you think human life is a game for you to play with?”

“If you think Linda shouldn‘t have died that way, then why did you reject her? She was a woman who wa

Maisie‘s face turned grim, but she did not say anything in return.

Cecile then continued, “Pearl lost her reputation because of you. You
didn‘t even let go of your two sisters from the

Vanderbilts. We‘re the same type of people. We are no good people, and I‘m just doing what you don‘t d

“So what if I rejected Linda? I don‘t have an obligation to help her pay the money. Even if I‘m a good per


person who doesn‘t know
when to stop being good is stupid. However, you can even kill an innocent landlady, so who are you to c

Cecile‘s smile froze, and she harrumphed coldly. “Yes, you people are always right, and I‘m always wron
putting herself so low and that she should give up on that man, but she thought I was mocking her for be

she hated me for life. I don‘t think I‘m wrong, but she thinks I‘m wrong.“

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