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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1326

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Chapter 1326

At the Private Middle and High School

Middle school students and high school students walked out after school. Most of the students in the sc
hool were fetched to and back
from school by their family‘s private vehicles. Seeing a luxury car parking outside the school‘s gate had
always been a common scene.

Lisa stood outside the school gate and waited for Daisie. She was wearing her clothes. Dalsie was slig
htly late, so she took out her cell phone and took a selfie.

Several students then walked
by her and looked back at her. Lisa put her phone away and lowered her head in embarrassment imme

However, she heard the students talking about her clothes. “That blouse looks so beautiful. It must be e

“There are so many rich people studying in this school. It‘s normal to run into someone that wears desi
gner clothes.”

Lisa knew they were talking about her clothes, but she pretended she did not hear them. Still, she felt d
elighted deep down.

“Lili.” Daisie came out and placed her arm on Lisa‘s shoulder. “Why don‘t you go home in my car later?
I‘ll send you back home.”

Lisa was
stunned for a moment, she wanted to agree to that idea originally, but she lowered her head instantly w

hen she saw Leah and the others looking at the both of them. “That‘s fine. I‘ll just grab a cab and go ba
ck by myself. There‘s no need to trouble you even more.”

Daisie did not see Leah and only thought that Lisa did not want her to send her home. “Okay, then be c
areful when you‘re on your way home.”

Lisa nodded.

The car that came to pick up Daisie stopped not far away. Seeing that Colton was already waiting for h
er in front of the car, she waved at Lisa to bid her goodbye and ran straight toward Colton.

The two got into the car and left.

Seeing that Leah and the others had not left, Lisa did not dare
to stay back at school alone any longer, so she quickly left.

However, she did not know that two men were staring at her from the inside of a van when she walked
past the van.

One of the men picked up the photo in his hand and took a glimpse at it. The photo did not show the fa
ce of their target, but the clothes that the girl wore in the photo looked exactly the same as the clothes t
hat the girl was wearing now. “Is the girl who just walked past us the Goldmann daughter?”

The other man turned his head. “It seems so.”

Lisa took out her cell phone, lowered her head, and posted the photo she had just taken on her Instagr

She already had 150,000 followers, and each of her photos or videos had thousands of comments:

Soon after she uploaded her latest photo, heaps of likes and comments started coming in. In addition t
o those that praised her for her looks and achievement, some were envious of her superior lifestyle.

Just when she stopped
to reply to some of the comments, a van appeared out of nowhere and outflanked her way. Before she
could react, someone had already covered her mouth and dragged her into the van.

The car sped away. And only one shoe was left behind on the ground.

On the other hand, Maisie received a call from Quincy as soon as she arrived at the school. She was
finally relieved to learn that the children had arrived home safely.

‘Thank God…

‘Thank God that Maxine didn‘t succeed!

She hurried back to the Goldmann mansion, and as soon as
she entered through the door, she saw Daisie and Colton sitting on the couch vying for a fruit salad. Non

When the call was over, he turned his head to look at Maisie as Maisie strode forward toward him, and h

Feeling her shudders, Nolan stroked her hair and chuckled hoarsely. “Everything‘s alright now. Haven‘t t

“But I’m still afraid.” Her voice sounded choked. She was not afraid of what Maxine would
do to her, but she was afraid of involving her children.

Thinking of something, she looked up at him, and her teary eyes looked crystal clear and moving. “Maxi

to get what she wanted this time, so she‘ll definitely
be back again. My intuition tells me that she‘s someone that will do anything in order to achieve her goa

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