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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327

Nolan carried
her into the study and closed the door. “We‘ve found out about Maxine‘s life experience.” She was startl
ed, “Her life experience?”

Nolan walked behind the desk, opened the drawer, took out a document, and placed it on the desk. “Th
anks to our son, Wayion.”

Maisie‘s eyes moved as she picked up the documents and saw the result of the DNA identification. She
was shocked.

The kinship rate between Maxine and Rowena is as high as 95%?‘

“Are they sisters?”

Nolan responded lightly, “They‘re halfsiblings.”

Maisie suddenly remembered the words that Maxine had used to describe her mother on the phone.

‘So their mother was Mr. Summers‘ lover!

She took a deep breath. “Maxine knows about this.”

She knew that Rowena, Sue, and she were all half–sisters

Nolan loosened his tie. “Just take a look at the date above.”

Maisie‘s gaze shifted to the date. This identification had been made a few years ago when Rowena fak
ed Sue‘s identity.

The paper looked new, but only because the results had been reprinted.

There was a knock on the door, and Quincy pushed it open and walked–in“Mr.

Goldmann, Mrs. Goldmann.”

Nolan lifted his head. “How was it?”

Quincy replied, “Her two accomplices escaped, and Maxine seems to have gone into hiding.”

Maisie pursed her lips tightly and said nothing. Nolan tapped the desk with his knuckles.” All of them ca
n‘t leave Bassburgh now, and they wan‘t be able to hide for long.”

In a remote and abandoned factory building

The light bulbs on the walls were dimly lit, and it was dark outside the window.

Lisa‘s mouth was covered with tape, and her eyes were obviously swollen as if she had been crying a l
ot. Her hands and feet were tied, and she curled her body into a ball, shivering in the corner of the roo
m with a trace of fear flashing across her eyes.

Two men were sitting at a nearby table drinking and playing cards until they heard the sound of a car ar
riving outside.

They got up, went out, and pulled up the shutters.


Maxine got out of the car and walked straight into the warehouse. “Where‘s the girl?”

The man replied, “We‘ve abducted her. All we‘re waiting for is your next instruction.”

However, when Maxine saw the little girl who was cowering in the corner, her expression
turned gloomy, and she
slapped the man with the back of her hand. “You regard this as abducted? I told you to kidnap Nolan G
oldmann‘s daughter, but who is this!?”

The two men were stunned for a moment.” But… But we compared her with the person in the photo. Th
e dress she‘s wearing is from a huge brand. Could it be that… she isn‘t our target?”

Maxine glared at them, and the two men lowered their heads and stopped talking instantly.

She went up to Lisa.

There were still tears welling up in the corners of Lisa‘s eyes, She had overheard their conversation
just now.

‘They were trying to kidnap Daisie, and they‘ve mistaken me for Daisie?‘

Looking at the woman in front of her, Lisa could not help but tremble, and she could only whimper at the

‘Since they‘ve caught the wrong person, 1

can only hope that this woman will let me go.

Maxine tore
off the tape on her mouth, leaned over, and looked at her expressionlessly. “What‘s your relationship wit

Lisa‘s teeth were chattering. “I… I‘m her friend.”

“Friend?” Maxine rubbed her chin meaningfully and looked at the
little girl.” Then can you help me to lure her out?”

“W–What?” Lisa felt a sheer coldness down her spine, and she was stunned in place.

Maxine scoffed. “Are you afraid?”

Lisa trembled vigorously and did not dare to look her in the eyes. “Yes..!

Maxine pinched her chin tightly. “That‘s the emotion that I need you to feel. If you want to get out of here
don‘t care what‘s the reason that you put forward. You are friends, aren‘t you? She should trust you a lot

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