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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1334

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Chapter 1334

When thinking about it, the statement made Maisie shudder.

The next day...

Quincy went to the Goldmann mansion to report to Nolan, saying that Maxine had been diagnosed with
mental illness at the Bureau of Justice and was currently being held in custody.

Maisie was astounded when she heard these words. “Mental illness?”

Quincy nodded, “It’s said to be intermittent personality cognitive impairment, which is a symptom of

Maisie pursed her lips and said nothing,

Nolan held the back of her hand and looked at Quincy. “If mentally ill people intermittently commit
crimes when they‘re mentally normal, they should bear criminal responsibility just like any other normal
people. This is inevitable. If Maxine wants to use her mental illness to find a reason to defend herself in
this lawsuit, i’ll play along with her till the end of it.”

Quincy replied, “I’ve informed the lawyer and will hand the evidence and judgment.”

After Quincy left, Maisie sat on the couch and did not say anything.

Nolan hugged her. “What’s the matter?”

I didn’t expect Maxine to have another trick up her sleeve.”

‘Does she want to avoid bearing criminal responsibility by saying she’s mentally ill? If she were to
succeed in doing so, then it’d be a disaster to society.

Nolan smiled. “She won’t be able to do as she wants. I’ve never lost a lawsuit. Even if she’s truly sick, I
won’t give her the chance of evading criminal responsibility.”

Maisie looked at him and chuckled. “Are you well-prepared for the lawsuit?”

He stroked the ends of her hair. “You’ll know when the trial starts.”

A week later, on the trial’s day, the courtroom seats were fully occupied.

Maisie and Nolan sat at the plaintiff’s desk while the defendant’s lawyer sat across from them.

Helios was also among the audience.

Maxine was brought into the courtroom by four female police officers. She was shackled, her hair was
disheveled, and she was in a prisoner’s uniform.

She turned her head and glanced at Maisie, who was sitting at the plaintiff’s desk, and the corners of
her lips twitched and were raised coldly as if she was provoking her.

Maisie’s hands, which were resting on her thighs, could not help but tighten as her expression

The judge sorted out the documents in his hands and glanced at Maxine. “Maxine Reynolds, the
defendant of this case, has been charged with illegal entry into the country and direct involvement in
major murder and kidnapping cases, which are serious offenses.

“As the defendant has an intermittent mental illness, the investigators can’t prove whether the crime
was committed during a period when she couldn’t differentiate right from wrong or when she was not in
control of her own behavior. So, she cannot be held criminally responsible for the crimes that she has

committed and should be deported. This is the defendant’s case in this appeal. Does the plaintiff’s
lawyer have anything to add?”

The lawyer sitting next to Nolan looked through the documents. “I’ve added the following three points.

“Firstly, if the defendant, an intermittent mental patient, commits a crime during the onset of their
illness, why can the defendant target her victims so precisely? This only shows that the defendant was
in her right mind at the time of the crime.

“Secondly, the defendant has been suspected of murder before entering the country illegally, which
means that the defendant may be a habitual offender. If she were to be acquitted, this would be a scar
that the justice systent leaves in the heart of every family member of the deceased and the victims.

“Thirdly, since the defendant’s lawyer can’t even prove whether the defendant was sick while she
committed all the crimes. It’s too far-fetched for the defendant to plead for an acquittal.”

The audience in the courtroom whispered to each other and seemed to agree with the point of view
that the plaintiff put forward. The defendant’s lawyer stood up. “My client didn’t participate in the hit-
and-run, and the suspect of the case has already pleaded

quilty. I have the suspect’s confession in my hand, which proves that my client has mental issues that
she has no control over.”

The defendant’s lawyer submitted the confession to the judge, and the judge went through the
evidence and then looked at the plaintiff.

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