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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1336

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Chapter 1336

After Nolan said that, the people in the courtroom started chattering.

The judge pounded his gravel. “Silence in court.”

After that, he looked questionably toward the plaintiff. “Pretending to have multiple personalities?”

Nolan looked toward the lawyer, who nodded, then opened
the folder they received just now. “Judging from this case, if the second personality committed the crim
e, which she could not control, then in principle, she could indeed be exempted from criminal responsib

“However, in essence, the exemption is only applicable when the person has totally lost consciousness
and had been

taken over by the second personality because the second personality had taken full control and she co
uld no longer control her actions.”

The plaintiff‘s lawyer looked toward Máxine: “However, the defendant was clearly aware that her secon
d personality exists and was even using the identity of Cecile Wolfsbane, so there is only one possibility
. That‘s that she acted out the disorder‘s traits and pretended to have dual personalities.”

Everyone, including Maisie, was shocked.

At that moment, the judge asked why she would pretend to have two personalities, and Francisco slowl
y said, “Criminals try to escape being prosecuted by pretending to be mentally unstable. Pretending to
have multiple personalities was pretty
much like acting as if another personality existed, so this isn‘t a crime committed while having multiple

Maxine lost control and yelled, “Bullsh*t! You‘re all working together to frame me!”

The police officer went up and held her down, forcing her to calm down.

Francisco arranged the documents, including the evidence that Nolan submitted, and stood up, “Your Ho
identity disorder to commit a crime. Other than her childhood trauma twisting her way of seeing life, she

“Due to her childhood emotional trauma caused by unfair treatment from her parents and the gossipping
information submitted by our plaintiff. Maxine had attempted to murder her sister Sue to escape from he
sister, Rowena Summers.;

“Seeing her half–
sister burning her twin to death made her start worshiping Rowena. If she could pretend to be
her own sister, she could imitate Rowena and pretend to be her as well.”

Francisco placed the documents and his palm on the desk. “From a psychological
standpoint, this imitation is to improve oneself and become more like the other person. It‘s caused by low
esteem. She blindly wanted change and lost herself while moving into an extreme situation. This is a me

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