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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1338

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Chapter 1338

After a few days, Maxine was given a life sentence.

Maisie went to see
her one last time. When the warden brought her to the visitation room, she still looked calm as ever. not

showing signs that she was a person on death row.

She sat down and put the receiver to her ear, then smiled. “It‘s ironic that you‘re the last person I see.”

Maisie looked at her. “Do you not regret your actions?”

“Regret?” She laughed, but her eyes were cold. “There‘s nothing to regret about. I‘m not the one at faul
t. The world is at fault for not being fair to me.”

Maisie‘s eyes darted. “I sympathize with you, but this isn‘t a good reason
to kill someone for revenge.” “What do you know? Have you gone through what I have?”

Maxine‘s expression was dark. “I was six when I had to go through such an ugly experience, but the m
an who assaulted me was perceived as a good man because he was enthusiastic and had so–
called good behavior. He easily convinced the police and neighbors, and even my mother. What I said
as a six–year–
old became a lie, and the neighbors were against me, just because the man who assaulted me was a p
olite old man.”

The hatred in her eyes darkened. “I was the one who had to go through that, but my mother was disgus
ted at me. Sue didn‘t have to go through any of that. She was a

blank paper with outstanding colors while I was tainted.”

After that, she smiled eerily. “When I fed her the poison and told her howl burned Sue to death, it was ir
onic to see her apologize to me while she cried.”

“That‘s enough.”

Maisie looked at her with pity. “Do you really think your mother didn‘t believe you and
was disgusted? You were wrong. She believed you, but she couldn‘t do anything to help.


ad to bring the two of you up in a foreign country. She
even had to ask your father for help. After the incident, she didn‘t choose to compromise, but since the
culprit destroyed all evidence, and the police and neighbors didn‘t like foreigners, do you think you‘re th
e only one who had to listen to hateful words? Your mother and sister endured the same.”


Maisie ignored her darkened expression.” You had to go through a horrific experience and thought that
your mother didn‘t believe you, that she felt guilty because she neglected you, but that was all just
your perception.”

“Hah, what do you know?” Maxine chuckled, “Maisie, do you think what you‘re saying will move me? Do

She laughed hysterically. “You‘re so pathetic. Do you think you can save me? You think that the poor littl


Maisie frowned,

Maxine suddenly stood up, “She‘s going to follow in my footsteps, Maisie. She won‘t thank you for it, hah

The warden grabbed her while she struggled and screamed. Her bloodshot eyes stared intently at Maisi
all the hysterics looked even crazier on the other side. The noise on
the other side of the receiver only faded when the warden forcefully dragged her out.

After Maisie walked out of prison, the car window parked outside slowly rolled down, revealing half of No

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