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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1347

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Chapter 1347

The teenager crossed his legs. “Tsk, tsk tsk, you just don‘t think of me as your brother.”

“Evan, since you‘re back, eat your
dinner. If you don‘t plan to eat with us, get out.” Mr. Eraiser‘s face dimmed. If he knew that he would giv
e birth to such a spoiled and useless son, he would have strangled him to death back then.

Evan smiled. “Father, no matter what, I‘m still your son. Is there a need for you to be so heartless?”

“You‘re actually shameless enough to admit that you‘re your father‘s son?” Mrs. Eraiser stood behind hi
m. “All you do all day is fool around out there without knowing when to come home, and the only

time you come back home is when you need money. You‘re no longer a
young lad. Can‘t you learn how to behave practically, look for a job, and earn some money to pay for yo
ur sister‘s studies?”

Evan laughed out loud. “Why would she need‘me to pay for her studies? She goes to such a prestigiou
s school, so the classmates she gets to know there should all be filthy rich, right?”

After saying that, he saw the watch on Lisa‘s wrist. “Wow, this watch
is worth thousands of dollars. Nice one, Lisa. You‘ve gotten so rich that you can afford a designer
watch while I‘m away.”


Lisa pulled her hand back and covered her wrist subconsciously.

Mr. Eraiser questioned him furiously,” Evan, what do you think you‘re doing?” Evan shrugged. “What‘s
wrong with me taking a look at my sister‘s watch? Since you have the money to buy such an expensive

watch for Lisa, then… Why not spare me some money to spend?”

After asking his father for some money, he looked at him with a smug smirk.

“You!” Mr. Eraiser was so exasperated that his face flushed. He threw the bowl and cutleries, got up, an
d left.

Lisa could not stay put any longer and grabbed Daisie‘s hånd. “‘ll send you off first.”

Lisa left with Daisie without waiting for the latter to react to her suggestion.

As soon as Daisie stepped out of the house, she heard the quarrel between Mrs. Eraiser and
Evan. She looked back as many things went through her mind

When they got downstairs, Lisa lowered her head. I‘m sorry, Daisie. I didn‘t know that my brother would
return at this time.’

Daisie looked at her. “Your brother… Has he always been like that?”

“I‘m sorry to have gotten you involved in this farce.” Lisa bit her lip. “I don‘t like my brother.”

Daisie did not ask her about anything in the end.

After sending Daisie off, Lisa returned home. As soon as she entered through the door, she witnessed
her mother being pushed to the floor. Her expression changed, and she ran over to
pull him.” Evan, what are you doing!?”

Evan flung her hand away, and Lisa fell to the floor.

Mr. Fraiser came out of the room when he heard the
commotion, saw his wife and daughter on the floor, and lost his head.‘ You b *stard! How dare you mak
e a move on your mother and sister!? Have you lost your mind!?”

“Yes, she‘s your wife, and she‘s your daughter, bụt have you ever treated me like a son?”

Mr. Fraiser was trembling with anger.” Nobody raised you to be this useless. We sent you to a school, an
half as obedient as your sister, you wouldn‘t have been sent to a juvenile detention center!”

Evan swept all the tableware on the table to the floor.

The commotion was so loud that Lisa did not dare to make a sound.

Evan went back to the room, and Lisa suddenly remembered something, got up, and chased after him.

Evan saw the designer bag in the room and the precious bracelets in the jewelry box, and she
immediately grabbed them. This was not the first time he had done that. In the past, as long as Lisa had

“Evan, these things aren‘t mine!” Lisa dashed up to him and wanted to stop him.

Unfortunately, Evan pushed her away. “I dare you to stop me. I know that you must‘ve become friends w
are all gifts that you got from them. Your classmates are truly generous.”

He looked at the brand–
new bag in his hand. “I‘ll get at least several thousands of dollars if I can sell this as a pre–
owned bag. Anyway, you can always get your classmates to give you more, can‘t you?”

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