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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1351

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Chapter 1351

Elaine and her father were even more awkward.

Nolan didn‘t seem to want to hear what
happened in college, so he cut straight to the point. “You can be blunt, Mr. Xavier. Even if we were cour
semates, we weren‘t that close, so there‘s no need to pretend to be friends.”

His intentions were clear. Trying to use
their relationship as acquaintances to help Beyond Tech was pointless
because they weren‘t close, and Nolan couldn‘t care less about that.

Edward understood, so he changed his tune. “Beyond Tech is facing some financial
issues, and I heard that you took computer science in college and you‘re

versed in technology, so we‘d like to ask for your help.”

Nolan crossed his legs and leaned back while crossing his arms. “I don‘t waste time on failed ventures.
There‘s nothing about Beyond Tech that intrigues me.”

Edward clenched his jaw because he didn‘t know what to say.

Elaine stood up. “Mr. Goldmann, I know that Beyond Tech is nothing in your eyes because the IT comp
anies under Blackgold are bigger than Beyond Tech, but
we‘re not too far behind when it comes to software.

“The usage of Kontact exceeds other social platforms yearly, with hundreds of millions of views. We cur
rently have over 20,000,0 00 users, and the app is a result of the hard work of all Beyond Tech‘s staff fo
r over a decade. My dad just doesn‘t want it to leave the market.”

Nolan didn‘t answer but seemed to be deep in thought.

Maisie looked
toward Elaine and her father. She didn‘t know much about social apps, but she knew that the apps wer
e popular now, and Kontact is one of the newer platforms. On top of connecting with friends, video view
ing, and live streams, just like other platforms, the users could build their own fan base and share their
work, so students loved it.

She looked toward Nolan. “Beyond Tech seems to be pretty outstanding when it comes to software and
apps. If we worked together, we would be able to help each other out. Why don‘t you think about it?‘

Edward and Elaine both looked at Maisie with surprise.

Nolan chuckled and leaned closer to her,

What‘s on your mind?”

Maisie smiled. “I‘m thinking about the benefits you could get. Kontact has captured the market‘s demand
and is well–
known and loved by its users. It would be a shame if it was taken down. There are plenty of skilled peop

Getting an experienced partner would be better than hiring a new person. All the job markets would pref
would want the employee that they had trained well to go to another company.

And as for most corporations, an experienced partner would be more mature‘than a fresh graduate and

Nolan smiled and played with her hair. “I‘m really glad that you‘re thinking about helping me.”

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