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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1352

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Chapter 1352

Maisie smiled, “We have three big spenders at home. Of course I have to help you out.”

Nolan looked toward the father and daughter. “My wife has asked me to think about it, so I will”

Edward was very surprised but smiled,‘ Thank you, Mrs. Goldmann, and thank you, Mr. Goldmann, for
giving us a chance.”

After Quincy walked them out, Maisie stood up. “I should leave

Before she could finish, Nolan pulled her into his arms and buried his face in her hair. “Leave to go whe

She cried, ‘Back to my office!”

Nolan was in heat “Don‘t even think of

going back today.”

At Morwich…

Tanner brought Noah to the zoo. Noah had his arms around
his neck while he looked around excitedly. He was curious about all the animals because he had never
been to a zoo. He asked question after question, but Tanner answered all of them patiently.

Pearl followed behind them. It was the first time she saw her son so happy, so she didn‘t want to interru
pt them.

The zoo was crowded, so she lost sight of Tanner and Noah when she snapped back.

While she was looking around, a hand held hers.

She paused, then turned around and saw Tanner carrying Noah with one arm. He frowned. “Keep up.”

Pearl looked away. “I‘m sorry.”

Tanner held her hand. “Let‘s go.”

He held her hand and walked in front while carrying their child on the other arm.

Pearl’s eyes floated to their hands. She pressed her lips together and didn‘t struggle to get free.

They arrived at the penguin‘s section, and Tanner let Noah
down. The kid ran to the glass and watched the penguins. His eyes were wide and shone with excitem
ent. ” Mommy, there are so many penguins here!”

Pearl smiled and nodded.

Noah sneezed, and his snot shot out. She immediately took out some napkins and squatted down. “Did
you kick your blankie away again last night?”

Noah blew his nose and shook his head.


Pearl looked toward Tanner, who was taking pictures, then paused.

Noah rushed over to grab his legs. “Daddy, pictures!

Tanner rubbed his head. “Alright, let‘s take one together.”

He looked around and asked someone to help them. The person was very friendly and immediately too
k the phone.

Tanner carried Noah and put out his other hand to hug Pearl.

Pearl looked a little awkward in front of the camera, so the person said, “Could the lady please smile?”

Tanner turned to look at Pearl, who looked at the camera and smiled.

After the picture was taken, he returned the phone to Tanner.

Tanner thanked the man and went through the photos. They looked very much like a family together,

When they returned to Maple Lane, Kamala was waiting for them in the yard.

Noah ran toward Kamala. “Grandma!”

Kamala caught him and smiled “Did you have fun?”

He nodded and laughed. “Yes, with Daddy and Mommy.”

Kamala brought him into the house and left Tanner and Pearl alone outside,

Pearl looked around and pressed her lips together. “Do you not plan to go back?

He had been in Morwich for half a month because of their child.

Tanner held her hand. “Do you want me to go back?”

Pearl parted her lips but didn‘t say anything.

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