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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1360

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Chapter 1360

Lucy lowered her head and pressed her lips thin.

Seeing her reaction, Jenna was worried that Edward would get angry, so she nudged Lucy. “Your father
is talking to you.”

Just when Lucy was about to say something, Elaine
suddenly chimed in, “It‘s just a small company. There‘s nothing to ask, Dad.”

After hearing what his daughter said, Edward nodded. Honestly, he was not
interested in whatever Lucy was doing. If she really were the manager of a big corporation, it would me
an that his stepdaughter was still rather useful. After all, profits and gains were the priority of businessm

Lucy looked at Elaine, but Elaine paid her no mind.

Lucy did not want to stay after
she had finished lunch. Jenna walked her to the entrance. Before she left, Jenna grabbed her hand and
said, “Lucy, are you mad with me?“.

Lucy was not someone who could hold grudges. When she said she was not mad, she was not mad an

After all, she had grown up now, and she could understand her mother‘s choice.

“Mom, do you regret it?” she asked.

Jenna was stunned for a moment. She stroked her belly, but she did not say anything in return.

Lucy did not say anything more and turned around to leave.

After walking far from the Xavier mansion, a car suddenly stopped beside Lucy. The window was rolled
down, and Elaine was sitting in the driving seat. “Since you‘ve bought a car, why didn‘t you drive here?
If your mom sees that you‘ve bought a car and your life isn‘t as hard as
she thinks, maybe she won‘t force you to go on a blind date anymore.”

Lucy turned her head around to look at her. “I just don‘t want to drive here.”

Elaine unlocked the car and said, “Get on. I‘ll drive you home.”

Lucy hesitated for a while. Since she had something to ask Elaine as well, she got into the car.

“What were you doing at Soul yesterday?”

“I went to see Mrs. Goldmann, or I should say, your boss?” Elaine chuckled. “Seems like your boss is r
ather good to you.”

‘She knew it!

Lucy lowered her head and continued.” Then why you

“Don‘t get me wrong. If my dad learns that you‘re working as a manager at Soul now, it won‘t be good fo
know that my father can only have one daughter. If your mother didn‘t marry my father, he would love m
hatred in her words.

Her parents had gotten a divorce, and her father married another womạn.
Could she resent other people? No, she could only resent her father. He was the one who had destroye

Lucy lowered her head. Although she and Elaine were not on good terms, Elaine just did not like
her and her mother. She would criticize them or speak to them harshly from time to time, but she had ne

After a long while, Lucy sighed. “Your father has only had one daughter from the beginning.”

Elaine laughed. “What if your mother gets pregnant? Even though she‘s old, my father still wants a son.

Lucy was shocked. She recalled that her mother had touched her belly when she was seeing her out. C
be that…

Elaine continued. “Do you think it‘s worth it
for a woman to risk her own life and have a baby in her 40s? When my mother
told my father that she didn‘t want to have another baby, my father said she was selfish. He criticized he
nanny or a baby–producing tool.

“When she gave birth to me, she had a massive hemorrhage due to difficult labor. She nearly died, but m

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