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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1361

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Chapter 1361

“After getting married, any woman should act obediently and
virtuously just like your mother. She takes good care of her
family, her children, and her husband. However, the husband thinks those are all that she should do. H
e‘s never given her a single word of approval or appreciation. You should know it yourself. Your mother
has never dared to go against my father‘s will.”

The car was parked outside the apartment. Lucy unfastened her seat belt but did not get out
of the car. Instead, she turned to look at Elaine.

“So, is that why you don‘t like my mother?” Lucy waited for her answer in silence.

Elaine leaned on the back of the seat. “I just can‘t stand your mother‘s aggrieved looks and pleading m

Lucy lowered her gaze and said nothing.

It was not that she did not know
that her mother felt aggrieved and wronged. After getting married to the Xaviers, she could no longer e
ngage in the profession that she liked. Edward wanted her to be a housewife
and even asked her to cut ties with her own social circles.

Her mother always said that her marriage to Edward was her second marriage,
making her unworthy of Edward, not to mention that she had married him with a fully grown daughter.

Edward was a successful businessman, and a man‘s reputation had always been important in the outsi
de world. Thus, he had asked her to cut ties with
her own social circles only because he did not want her identity to disgrace the Xaviers‘ reputation.

But to put it bluntly, her mother had remarried only to become a nanny for the Xaviers.

Not only did she have to place her
husband first in all aspects of life, but she was also prohibited from having her own thoughts.

Lucy had once asked her mother if she regretted the decision, but she did not answer.

‘In fact, I think she regrets it too, but it was her choice, so what‘s the use of regretting that?‘

Watching Elaine drive away, Lucy stood downstairs for a while before turning around and walking into t
he apartment.

At that time, at. Soul…

Maisie obtained Elaine‘s information. Elaine indeed shared the same
college and course as Nolan back then, and she had studied computing science as well. She had creat
ed half of the data
codes of Beyond Tech Corporation. She was not only the daughter of the owner of Beyond Tech Corpor
ation but also the deputy director of the IT department.

Maisie flipped through the documents and smiled. “This woman is quite capable.”

‘No wonder she would say those words when they came to Nolan looking for a collaboration.

‘Although Nolan majored in finance, he also majored in computing science. His company owns many o
utstanding technology companies, and most of them excel in overseas e–commerce and e–sports.


So; Elaine probably thought of this when she came to Nolan too.”

Quincy grinned. “Mrs. Goldmann, I‘ve given you the information, so can I leave now? Mr. Goldmann is
waiting for me to return.”

Maisie waved her hand, and Quincy left immediately.

Maisie supported her forehead with one hand and looked at the information on the desk with a slight
frown. Unexpectedly, Elaine failed to obtain the shares of Beyond Tech Corporation.

‘Elaine is Mr. Xavier‘s only daughter, and she should inherit Beyond Tech Corporation in the future, but
Mr. Xavier distributed his shares to several of the shareholders in charge Elaine didn‘t get anything that

‘It‘s like Elaine is only working for Beyond Tech Corporation.

‘Mr. Xavier is actually approaching the age of retirement already, not to mention that his daughter is so c

There was
a knock on the door, and Saydie was the one who opened the door and came in, “Ma‘am, I‘ve
already made a trip to Beyond Tech Corporation.”

Maisie looked at her. “How was it?”

Saydie replied, “Ms. Xavier has no connection with the
board of directors. The employees in their company told me that Mr. Xavier would rather cultivate outsid

“Also, Ms. Xavier is
the major contributor when it comes to the design of the Kontact software, but the one who got to the cre
was the director of the IT department, and not her.‘

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