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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1363

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Chapter 1363

Elaine ignored his anger and continued.” Dad, I hate your selfishness, and I hate your toxic masculinity
even more. My mom made the right decision when she left you.”

She grabbed her ID card and threw it on the floor. “You look down on me just because I‘m a woman, rig
ht? Alright then. I‘ll auit. I‘ll show you that I‘m no worse than any man!”

Without waiting for Edward to say anything, she pulled the door open and went out.

She lifted her head and saw Maisie. She was stunned for a moment and said, “If you‘re looking for my f
ather, he‘s in there.”

Maisie smiled and said, “I‘m here looking for you.”

Elaine was stunned.

Elaine led Maisie to a small restaurant not far away from Beyond Technology.

Although this restaurant was not as classy and comfortable as those upscale restaurants, it was her
favorite. She took two bottles of beer out of the fridge, popped one open, and poured it into her
glass.” Since you asked me to pick a place, I picked this one. I‘m sure you don‘t mind, right?”

Maisie sat in front of her and said, “I‘m not as prissy as you think I am, Ms. Xavier.”

After all, she had eaten in diners or food courts before.

Elaine picked up the large glass of beer and chugged
it down, much to Maisie‘s surprise. After emptying her beer, she put the empty glass down and asked, “
Is there anything I can help you with, Mrs.

Goldmann?” “Initially, I asked my assistant to make an appointment with you, but… I thought I should c
ome and see you personally ” Maisie said as she poured herself a glass of beer. “It‘s been a long time s
ince I sat in such a relaxing place to drink beer, and it‘s an honor to have a few drinks with you today, M
s. Xavier.”

Elaine was dumbfounded and looked at Maisie in surprise.

Maisie emptied the beer into her glass and heaved out a sigh. Then, she laughed” Nothing is more rela
xing than having a big glass of beer!”

After the waiter served their dishes, Elaine and Maisie clinked their glasses. Elaine was not in a good m
ood to begin with, and after taking a few glasses of
beer, she became drunk. “I don‘t like my dad. He has always been looking down on me because I‘m a
woman. He said that women don‘t need to work hard on our
job since we‘re going to get married anyway. We should just stay at home to take care of the kids and o
ur parents.”

Maisie just listened to her ranting without saying anything in return.

Elaine kept her head low, and her face was written with disappointment. “When I saw
my parents fighting when I was a kid, I couldn‘t wait for them to get divorced. My dad always complained

“When my mother wanted to go out to work, my dad criticized her for not taking care of the family. When

bought a dress she liked with the money she saved, my dad said she was a spendthrift and that she did

“My mom didn‘t think she could provide me with a good life, so she asked me to follow my father. Howev

After she finished speaking, she laughed at herself. “If every man is like my father, then why should
I get married? Why should I put myself in such a low position? Why should I be the housewife, endure a

to beg for my husband to buy something I want since I don‘t have any source of income? I just
want to know what makes men think they can do something like that to us.

“Just because we‘re a baby–
making tool they bought with a bride price? Just because they‘re working hard outside to support the E f

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