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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1376

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Chapter 1376

Daisie really didn‘t know.

The boy smiled and said, “There‘ll be a lot of spectators. If you want to come, we‘ll keep
a seat for you, and it‘s going to be a great


Zephir looked toward Daisie.

Daisie held Lisa‘s hand, “Can I come with Lisa?”

The boy was planning to invite Daisie, and he knew who he was asking on behalf of, but
when he saw that Daisie wanted to bring her friend along, he hesitated.


Lisa noticed something, so she pushed Daisie‘s hand away and smiled. “Daisie, you go ahead. I might
have something on that day.


“Then t–‘ “Daisie, please come,” he asked sincerely,

Colton had his hands in his pockets and was quiet.


Lisa continued. “By the way, Zephir asked Daisie to go watch a basketball match with him, and she agr



Colton didn‘t know if she was intentionally telling him that, so he frowned. “I‘m curious if you really see
Daisie as a friend.”

Lisa‘s smile faded.


Colton looked away toward the windows. “I noticed that you‘ve changed a lot.)

Lisa‘s fingers curled. “… I didn‘t.“,

He looked back, then shrugged. “I hope so too.”

Before Lisa could reply, he took out the seashell
bracelet she had thrown away out of his pocket. “This looks very familiar. My sister gave it to you.”

Lisa‘s face turned pale, and she didn‘t say anything.

She had thrown away the bracelet because she didn‘t
want it. She hadn’t been feeling great that day because she felt that Daisie couldn‘t understand her feeli

“If you don‘t want the presents, you can say no.” He put the bracelet away. “If you
accept it, you can‘t just throw it away no matter if you like it or not.”

Lisa bit her lip and remained silent,

Colton walked past her. “I won‘t tell her about this. She trusts you a lot, so
I don’t wish to see your actions hurting her. If you don‘t appreciate this friendship, stop talking to her.”

Lisa stood there until Colton left.

At the Lakeview Apartment…

Elaine returned with Lucy‘s car after the interview and finally found a parking spot, but since it was too n

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