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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1385

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Chapter 1385

Lisa ran out of the classroom in
a hurry. When she arrived at the bathroom, she hid in the cubicle and turned on her phone with trembli
ng hands. Half of the netizens that commented on her post scolded her for not having
a conscience and being immoral.

The people who sent her friend requests were all Helios‘ fans. Upon
seeing those unpleasant comments, Lisa sat directly on the toilet bowl as her legs wobbled.

She tapped on the browser and searched for entertainment news and
information, all of which were occupied by the video she had taken the previous night. She did not expe
ct the video to be reposted by fans and netizens.

She was really in the soup now.


The Bouchers contacted
the media outlets and asked for the video to be removed immediately. Unfortunately, the child‘s uncens
ored appearance had been exposed to all sorts of people worldwide.

Even if the articles and video were
withdrawn, it was not guaranteed that others would not spread it privately.


Beatrice was being
carried held in her grandmother‘s arms. She was holding a small comb in her hand to comb the hair of t
he doll in her other hand. She was still young and did not know what was going on. –


Barbara looked at Helios, who was
on the phone while standing in front of the window. After a while, he hung up the phone and turned
around. “All the articles have been taken off, and those videos that haven‘t been censored have also be
en removed from the Internet. I believe that this incident will be forgotten after a while, just like
any other news.”

Christina was exasperated. “I don‘t know who in the world can be so
immoral. Bea is still so young. I won‘t blame that person
for taking pictures or recording videos, but the problem is that they should censor the child‘s face.”

Helios responded in a heavy tone, “This is all on me. It‘s my negligence.”


n VarunaratiL

Barbara took his hand. “You‘ve been very careful all this while. After all, we didn’t know that there‘d be
someone recording videos nearby.”

Helios used to travel in cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but he had started driving a ver
y low–profile

st tens of thousands of dollars ever



He sat down beside Barbara and held the back of her hand. “If you
and Beatrice want to go out, bring a few bodyguards along.”

She nodded.

At this time, Helios‘ assistant walked into the living room. “Mr. Boucher, we‘ve found the person who rec
orded the video and the original platform where the video was uploaded. But.”

The assistant hesitated.


Christina picked up her granddaughter and asked, “But what?“.

The assistant handed a tablet to Helios and replied, “But the other
party seems to be a junior high student. She‘s studying in a private school, and her photos on her socia
l media accounts feel a little familjar.”

Not to mention her appearance. After looking at the background of a few photos, Helios immediately re
alized they were taken at the Goldmann mansion.

The girl in the photo had retouched
her looks in those photos. She looked a little familiar, and the clothes that she was wearing seemed to b

Barbara took the tablet from his hand at this time. “Let me take a look.”

She only skimmed
through two to three photos and immediately remembered who it was. “Isn‘t this Daisie‘s classmate?”

At Soul…

Maisie went through the social media feed that Barbara showed her. She scrolled from top to bottom an

Barbara rubbed her forehead. “I didn‘t expect it to be that little girl. What in the world is going on?”

“Why would she be wearing Daisie‘s clothes and watch? i remember the watch in her hand. It‘s the watc
I gave Daisie as her Christmas gift a while back.”

Maisie had already heard what Colton şaid, but she was still a little surprised after seeing these photos.

Lisa posted the things Daisie gave her on the Internet to show off. To be honest, she was quite heartbro

her the most was not those precious gifts and the money spent but the fact that a little girl had not been

Daisie‘s original intention when giving Lisa all those gifts was
only to strengthen their bond. She had once told Maisie she hoped Lisa could be as confident as she wa

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