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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1388

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Chapter 1388

When Daisie got back to her classroom and took out her phone as she wanted to text Lisa to explain. A
fter sending the message, however, she realized that she was blocked.

Lisa, who had blocked her, didn‘t know what her mistake was and thought that Daisie would explain
herself to her. She did that just so that Daisie would feel anxious.

Daisie cherished their friendship, so she must have been feeling upset. Lisa was going to wait for Daisi
e to beg her to be friends, again.

She deleted all the bad comments about her and tweeted.

After a few days, during
gym class, Daisie went to the library. She was feeling terrible because she was blocked, so she tried re
ading to feel better.

She stood in front of the shelves and flipped through
a book when she faintly heard someone say, “Are you still ignoring


“Yes, aren‘t you best friends?”

Daisie placed the book back on the shelf, quietly walked next to them, and stuck her head out. She saw
Lisa and two other friends there.

Lisa was flipping through a book as she said, “She will come and see me even if I ignore her.”

The two students looked at each other but were curious. “You‘re confident about that?”

Lisa sniggered. “I‘m her only friend other than her brother. Who else can she go to?” “That‘s true. It feel
s like Daisie kept hanging around you.

“Haha, you know what everyone says about her. She doesn‘t have friends other than Lisa.”

Lida turned to look at them, seemingly happy. “Is that really what they say?”

The friend replied, “Yes, they say that the boysĹ all love to stick around her because she‘s pretty, but h
er brother Coleman doesn‘t let them near her because it‘s very easy for the boys to trick her.”

Another girl laughed. “Daisie does look naive and easy to trick.”

Daisie, who was hiding behind a shelf, turned and left.

She was running out of the library without looking and bumped into someone.

Zephir immediately grabbed her. “Daisie?” Daisie pushed him away without saying anything and ran aw

The other boys who were with him were confused. “What happened to her?”

Zephir looked at Daisie, who was getting further and further away, and frowned while deep in thought.

She ran to the rooftop and cried her heart out. After a long time, Colton‘ suddenly appeared next to her w

She paused and looked toward him with red eyes. “Colton.”

Colton helplessly squatted down and wiped her tears. “You‘re too old to be crying.”

She fell into his arms and cried even louder.

Colton patted her back to calm her in silence.

She choked. “Am I dumb? Why did they have to say that about me? What did I do wrong?”

Colton frowned. “You are silly, Real
friends take care of each other and don‘t keep talking about your flaws. You were doing your best to pro
didn’t mean anything to her. People who treat you as a friend wouldn‘t forget about you even if you didn
out to them.

“Some people are not meant to be lifelong friends, so there‘s no
need to force it. She showed up in your life and taught you a lesson, and you learned. We‘re still young,
choices, but those who stay till the end are the true friends.”

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