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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1389

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Chapter 1389

In the evening.

Lisa stood at the school gate when school ended because she wanted to wait for Daisie to
speak to her.

She decided that if Daisie spoke to her
first, she would forgive her, and Daisie would be afraid of losing her.

Daisie walked out of the school and paused when she saw. Lisa standing under the signboard.

Lisa saw Daisie but ignored her because she thought she would come to her anyway.

But suddenly, a group of people rushed over. “That‘s her!


They approached Daisie, who didn‘t react in time and was shoved to the ground.

Lisa was stunned and was going over when the woman with a mask took out her phone
and kept yelling, “Traitor!“, while filming.

“How could you leak Helios information when he treats you so well?”


“Does your father know that you‘re a traitor?”

Daisie had no idea what was going
on, and her mind went blank while the people were scolding her and taking photos.



“What are you doing!?”


The teacher ran over with the guard while the students stood around and started chattering.

Colton saw that and
immediately ran toward Daisie and stood in front of her. ” What are you doing to my sister?” ‘She betray
ed Helios!! “Yes, the person who posted the video clarified that Daisie asked her to take her video. How
could a little girl use Helios to go viral and expose his daughter? That‘s so disrespectful!”



They were all Helios‘ fans who immediately went to the school
after reading the clarification post. They didn‘t care who Daisie was–she had to
take responsibility for what she had done.

Colton helped Daisie up. Her head was hung low, and she was silent.

Colton glared at them. “You should go ask Helios Boucher if my sister actually did this.”

The fans stopped and stared at each other.



Colton looked through the crowd at Lisa, who was looking pale and shaking.

‘How did this happen?‘

She had just wanted to clear the air so they would stop cursing her, so she threw Daisie under the
bus. Helios‘ fans would probably forgive her because she was so close with him, but she didn‘t expect th




The teachers shooed the students away and walked toward the fans. “This is a school. We will not allow

The fans weren‘t happy about it, so they glared at Daisie and mouthed ‘tráitor‘, snitch‘, and so on while

Daisie froze while Colton hugged her. She wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

The car that was there to pick them up was parked at the gate, so Colton walked her over. After she got
the car drove away,

At the dining table…

Maisie heard about Daisie being attacked
by Helios‘ fans at school and immediately put down her cutlery. “I told you not to spoil Daisie. She could

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