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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1396

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Chapter 1396

“Hector, you‘ve been doing well
these years, huh? However, ever since you‘ve succeeded in life, you‘ve forgotten
about your buddies.” The man wearing the thick, gold chain straightened Hector‘s collar and grinned. Hi
s pregnant tone sounded like he was trying to hint to Hector something.

Hector grabbed his
hands, removed them from his collar, and smiled. “You guys are doing quite well yourselves too.”

The man next to him took out a pack of cigarettes. “It‘s obvious that we‘re
not doing as well as you are. All of us went to prison together back then, but your career is currently sky
rocketing like 5 space shuttle.”

He took out one and handed it to Hector.

Hector did not take the cigarette from him.

I‘ve quit smoking.”

The man inserted the cigarette in his mouth, took out a lighter, lit it, and took a puff. “Even Maverick can
‘t satisfy you now?”

“I‘ve quit smoking, for real. It‘s not that I don‘t like it.” Hector lowered his gaze, smiled, lowered his head
, and took a glimpse at his watch. “It‘s getting late already. Thank you for sending me back.‘

The man with the gold chain wrapped his hand on Hector‘s shoulder and rubbed his nose. “Don‘t worry
about that. And since we‘re buddies, will you lend your buddy a helping hand when he‘s in trouble?“.

Hector had already seen through them at a glance and scoffed. “t depends on what trouble we‘re talkin
g about here.” Lucy hid behind the wall, heard their conversation, and was shocked as what she heard
was borderline unbelievable.

“How did Hector get to know these people, and… What does it mean that they went to jail together?

The man wearing the gold chain said something to Hector, and the latter frowned. I‘m afraid I can‘t help
you with this matter.”

“What can‘t you do to help? You even smuggled stuff with us back then, didn‘t you? Besides, we‘re not
committing a crime this time
around. We only plan to shoot some short videos. Both of us are only in charge of finding the actress fo
r the shooting. Since you‘re working under an entertainment agency, you‘re in the exact position to get
us connected. Anyway, even an extra will do.


“Of course, we won‘t get you implicated. What we
want to do is on us. All you need to do is get us connected to the candidate we need. Even if something
goes wrong, someone will bail you out. I promise you that once we get our hands on the profits, you‘ll
get 30% of the payment.”

Hector was silent for a moment and agreed to the plan.

After getting a reply, the men left with satisfaction.

They naturally thought that Hector would still be the pushover that he had always been back then. In th
e past, Hector would always nod in agreement as long as they could offer him money. He might have jo
ined an entertainment agency and had a proper job now, but so what? As long as there was
something good in it for him, he would never reject them.

As Hector watched the car drive away, the smile on his face gradually disappeared. He then turned aro
und and saw Lucy standing not far away.

Judging from the look on her face, she seemed to have heard everything.

Hector walked toward her. “Since when did you arrive?”

Lucy slowly returned to her senses. She did not know why she would voluntarily walk out after the men

She was
a little nervous. She knew that she seemed to have heard something she should not have heard, but sh
e could not just sit back and watch as things developed in an undesirable way. “D–
Do you really plan to help them?”

‘Shooting a video that can make someone such a high profit, it must be, by no means a proper video.’

“Have you heard it all?”

“Yes,” Lucy
responded subconsciously, lowered her head, and dared not look directly into his eyes. “Yes… I‘m sorry

Hector smiled but did not get angry. “It‘s alright. As long as they didn‘t find out you were here, I‘m fine wi

Lucy stared at him, “But do you really plan to help them?”

He did not say a word,

“I don‘t think those friends of yours are proper people. Not to mention.., The job that they offered is defin


appropriate. They want to trick you into getting yourself involved. And they‘ll betray you if it goes south.”

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