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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1398

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Chapter 1398

“They’re adults, so I can understand anything as long as it‘s consensual. However, Lucy has
never been in love, so I’m afraid that she will disregard everything and do something that she‘ll regret
in the future when she‘s in love.

That‘s why I‘ve come to you to ask about them.”

Elaine had said so much, but all she wanted to ask Maisie about was Hector‘s personality. After all, the
y were developing at lightspeed, and Lucy was already not coming home at night. How could she not b
e worried about her?

Maisie chuckled. “Ms. Xavier, don‘t worry. My cousin isn‘t someone who will take advantage of others. I
f he does something like that, I‘ll be there to make sure he‘ll be responsible for what he‘s done.

*That‘s good– Wait a minute! Hector‘s your cousin!”

Then doesn‘t that mean he‘s Mr.

Goldmann‘s cousin–in–law!?‘

Lucy went to work, and the employee that passed by her
smelled the strong smell of alcohol on her body, not to mention that she was still in the same clothes th
at she wore to work yesterday.

“Just how much alcohol have you drunk?”

Lucy lowered her head and sniffed her clothes. “Is the smell really that prominent?”

“Of course, I can totally feel that your smell has pervaded the whole corridor.” The employee waved her
hand in front of her nose, dispelling the alcoholic odor enveloping her sense of smell.

Lucy chuckled in embarrassment. “Last night… I went to grab a late–
night snack with a friend of mine. Time was great, solhad drunk too much before I realized it.”

Not only had she drunk too much, but she drank until she lost consciousness.

And she was in Hector‘s car when she woke up.

Hector had drunk a lot last night too, and it was already too late when they finished. He had been afraid
of being caught drunk driving, so he rested in the driver‘s seat after moving her to the car for a while.

Who would have thought that the first time she did not return home at night was because she had gotte
n so drunk that she lost consciousness? She had made Hector stay up all night in the car with her–
what an experience and impression!

Lucy did not even know whether she had done something dumb while drunk or snored while
asleep. If so, she would be too ashamed to see him again.

At Zestar..

The deputy director called Hector to
the office. He knocked on the door and only pushed it open after getting permission. In addition to the d
eputy director, an artist was also in the room. She was Olivia Cortez, and the company had
heavily favored her in the past three years.

Hector‘s gaze shifted from one corner of the room to the other. “Deputy director, are you looking
for me?”

The deputy director motioned him to sit at will, then got up, walked up to the couch, sat down, and start
ed smoking a cigar comfortably. “Hecky, I‘ve seen your makeup design works, and
they‘re marvelous. Moreover, my goddaughter Liv likes your designs very much, so I want you to be he
r makeup artist. As long as you‘re willing to take this job, you‘ll be adequately compensated.”

Hector took a glance at Olivia, and his expression was unchanged.

Olivia looked gorgeous, but everything that met the eyes was artificial, not the natural appearance she
was blessed with. Hector had
applied makeup for so many women that he could detect whether a face had undergone any minor sur
gery or not at first glance.

Before joining the company, he had already done his research and found out that Olivia was the female
artist that Zestar had been focusing on promoting. She had no fewer resources than other S–
list celebrities, but she had not created any magnum opus in the past three years that could secure her
position in the industry.

As for her acting skills, they were not very outstanding. That was why she had been crowned as the
most useless eye candy by the netizens over the years.

If such great resources had been invested in someone else, they would have skyrocketed to fame long a

Especially when she attended the red carpet events of any gala or ceremony, the netizens would always

To be honest, Hector did not want to waste his talent on her. Also,
according to rumors, Olivia was a poser and had gone through no less than ten makeup artists over the


Most of the makeup artists who worked under her quit in the end because they could not stand her temp

The deputy director took a puff and let out a smoke ring. “Hecky, so what do you think?”

Hector opened his mouth slowly. “What if I refuse?”

Not only the deputy director but even Olivia was also taken aback.*

The deputy director frowned, gave him a pregnant gaze, and said meaningfully with the cigar in his mou

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