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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1418

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Chapter 1418

Hector looked at Lucy and slowed down his pace.

Lucy stopped and turned to look at him, her face smiling brightly, “But I want to thank you for tonight. I t
hink that you‘re my lucky star.”

He was surprised. “Lucky star?”

“Yes, you bring good luck to me, lucky star.” Lucy smiled wider.

Hector chuckled. “Really.”

He turned his face away. “I wish I really could bring good luck.”

He hadn‘t managed to bring good luck to Sean.

Seeing how
he drifted away, Lucy walked over to face him and waved her hand in front of his face. “If you could brin
g good luck to everyone, you would be an angel.

He smiled.

Lucy suddenly smelled something and looked toward the source of the odor. “I think I smell kebab.”

Hector put his hand on her shoulder and made her stand up straight. “They‘re selling street food there.”

“Yes, they are!” Lucy felt like having some, but something came to her mind, and she suddenly looked
Hector up and down.

Hector asked, “What‘s wrong?”

She couldn‘t help but laugh. “You‘re dressed so formally. I‘m not going to ask you to go get street food
with me.”

Hector removed his jacket and rolled up his sleeves. “Would this work?”

Lucy suddenly grabbed his arm and pulled him along. “Let‘s go then!”

Hector was stunned, but
all Lucy could think about were the kebabs and nothing else. He didn‘t put his arm away and just let her
hold it.

At midnight, at the Lakeview Apartment…

Hector parked his car and removed the seatbelt. “We‘re home.”

He turned around and saw that Lucy was fast asleep.

He put his hand out and lightly shook her shoulder. “Lucy.”

She mumbled something, frowned, then her head lolled and dropped on his hand, pinning it.

Hector froze. He could feel her skin on the back of his hand, and it was smooth like butter.

He didn‘t remove it but stared at her while she slept.

When Lucy finally woke up, she was surprised because Hector‘s jacket was covering her, and she treat
ed his hand as a pillow.

They were still in the car.

There was no way of knowing how long Hector had his arm out to maintain that position.

When she woke up and moved, Hector opened his eyes, turned his head, and
smiled. “I thought you were going to wake up in the morning.”

Lucy looked at him, and her nose soured while she turned away. ‘You should have woken me up.”

“I didn‘t want to wake you up because you were sleeping so soundly.” “You call
me silly,” Lucy‘s eyes teared up, but she smiled and us she said, “But you‘re sillier.”

Hector wiped her tears away, and Lucy froze while she looked at him. He said, “I just want to spend mor

Her heart skipped a beat, and her chest heaved while she looked
at this face that was inches away. His nose touched her cheek.” You–”

He kissed her before she could speak.

Lucy batted her eyes and put her hand on his shoulder but didn‘t push him away.

of them had kissed someone before, so they bumped a little. They realized that it was awkward, so they

laughed together.

Hector looked at her. “I‘m sorry, I‘ve never kissed a woman, so…”

Lucy‘s ears turned red while she looked down. “If… If it was your first kiss, then… We should treat it as p

Her face turned red after saying that.

Hector cupped her face. “Do you want to be my long–term practice partner then?”

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