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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1419

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hapter 1419


Lucy‘s heart was skipping so hard that she nodded without thinking.

Hector kissed her again while she slowly closed her eyes, and a jolt of electricity ran into
her heart, making it feel numb.

After a few days, at the Xavier residence…

Lucy rang the doorbell, and the maid opened the door. She asked, “Is my mother home?”

The maid confirmed she was there, and Lucy walked into the living room. When Jenna heard that some
one was downstairs, she went down and was surprised to see that it was Lucy, “Lucy?”

Lucy pressed her lips together and smiled.


Jenna walked to the couch, poured her a cup of tea, and
slowly said, “I was in a bad mood the other day and didn‘t pay attention to your feelings. I apologize, Lu

She placed the
teacup in front of her. “I know you‘re all grown up now, but I can‘t help myself. I won‘t blame you if you t
hink that I‘ m naggy. I just hope that you will be happy.”

“Mom, I don‘t blame you.”

Jenna paused, then looked up at her.

Lucy smiled. “Dad told me that you‘ve always cared about me.”

Jenne was surprised. “W–What did you call him?”

Dad.” Lucy looked around. “I… can call him dDd from now on.

Jenna covered her mouth while happy tears fell. “Is that true?”

Lucy nodded.

Jenna started balling, but not because she was sad. She was happy.

Lucy got up, went next to her, and hugged her. She felt
bad when she saw her mother crying. “Mom, don‘t cry. You‘re making me cry too.”

“…. I‘m just overwhelmed.” Jenna wiped her tears
and held her hand with a smile. She tapped it, and they smiled while looking into each other‘s eyes. No
words were exchanged, but they understood each other.

Lucy stayed there for a while and left the manor after saying
goodbye to Jenna. She got a message when she got into the car. (What do you feel like having tonight
? [ll bring you anywhere you want to go.)

She knew that Hector had just taken over Zestar and would be busy, but he never forgot to message h
er despite that.

She smiled at her screen and replied jokingly: [You‘re my meal.] She didn‘t plan to send it, yet accident
ally pressed ‘Send‘. Her smile immediately faded.

‘Oh no!

She immediately deleted the message.

He probably didn‘t see it?‘

Unfortunately, she didn‘t expect Hector‘s eyes were always on his phone. Thus, when she sent that
message, he saw it as clear as day.

He couldn‘t help but chuckle before replying: (I‘ll go home earlier today then.)

Lucy lay on the steering wheel. It was so shameful. He must think thai she was clingy!

At the Soul Jewelry branch…

Lucy had been busy buying meals for everyone over the past two days.

The few female employees curiously discussed this.

“Did she strike the lottery? She wouldn‘t even splurge on
meals previously, but now she‘s buying our meals too.”

Lucy was the definition of a miser.


She was different because other misers were just very careful at spending money, while she just downri

When she had first gotten promoted, everyone wanted her to buy them a meal, but she had said she ne

It was weird that she would suddenly be so generous.

“Not the lottery. I think she‘s in love.”

“In love?”

The few colleagues were suddenly curious and huddled together “With who?”

That one girl replied, “How would I know? I just saw someone picking her up two days ago, and the drive

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