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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1416

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Chapter 1416

Lucy walked toward the hall with Hector, and the moment
the doors opened, she looked down to avoid their glances.

The crowd looked toward them, and the scene froze.

Maisie walked toward them and smiled.” Where did you go?”

Lucy played with her fingers nervously.” Ms. Vanderbilt, I… I think I‘ve brought trouble.”

“There‘s no trouble.” Maisie was going to take a sip when she suddenly saw the flower at the bottom of
her skirt. “This flower looks beautiful.”

“Hector used it to cover the wine stain. He just sewed it in.” Her face
turned redder and looked like an apple under the light

Maisie laughed and turned to look at Hector. “Hecky is brave yet careful. He would probably spoil his fu
ture girlfriend!

Lucy‘s heart skipped a beat, and she wouldn‘t look up.

suddenly walked over and placed her hand on Maisie’s shoulder. “You‘re already picking a cousin–in–

Maisie denied it. “I want to pick daughters in–law for my sons tool but they‘re still young.”

Barbara moved her hand away. “Beatrice is not an option. Your sons will be too old by the time she‘s
grown up.”

Maisie laughed. “People say that men age like fine wine.” “Don‘t even think about it! She‘s not even in k
indergarten yet.”

“Can I book her?”

“How many daughters–in–law do you want to book, you evil mother–in–law!?”

Their bickering made it less awkward between Lucy and Hector.

At that moment, Edward walked in.

When he saw Lucy, he paused. He then glanced at Hector, standing next to her, and they seemed to kn
ow each other.

“Lucy, you–”

“Oh, Lucy is here too.” Elaine walked over with a wine glass, cut her
father off, and grabbed Lucy‘s arm. “Dad, see how Lucy is working hard. It‘s time.”

Lucy looked at them curiously.

Edward knew what his daughter meant.

She wanted him to acknowledge Lucy‘s identity.

He looked at Lucy, and even though she wasn‘t his own and wasn‘t as outstanding as his daughter, she
had a mother who could endure everything. Not every woman would be able to handle the
humiliation that Jenna had. She begged him to take her daughter in and didn‘t even consider abandoni
ng her.

He remembered all that.

He had married Jenna because she was great at taking care of his family and a good wife. She was bet
wife. He was busy with work, so he couldn‘t take care of his family and wished his wife would
be a homemaker.

However, his ex–wife was a career woman and didn‘t want to let go
of her career for him. Their daughter, Elaine, had inherited her personality.

He preferred the traditional
marriage and thought a woman should only be in charge of her family after getting married. There was
no need for her to be so strong.

He couldn‘t understand why his ex–wife couldn‘t understand that all his hard work was so that
he could provide for the family.

When he met Lucy‘s mother, he was frank and said he hoped his wife, would give up her career and tak

She immediately agreed. He was surprised and asked about her condition.

Jenna‘s response was; “Mr. Xavier, to be honest, I have a child of my own, and you might not like that, b

leave her. I hope you will agree to bring her along, even if you don‘t accept her as your own.”

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