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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1429

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Chapter 1429

The man gave off a faint smile.

“Your sister seems to have found herself a great sister.”

“I’m alright.Our relationship has always been like that.”

Elaine looked down at her watch.

“I have to leave for work already.I’ll take my leave first.”

The man nodded.

When the waiter was clearing up the tables, he found a n employee card on one of the tables.

“Sir, it seems that the lady has left this behind.”

The man grabbed it and took a glance at it.

Director of J Tech Inc.: Elaine Xavier.


Madam Vanderbilt arrived at the front desk of Zestar and claimed that she wanted to see her grandson,

However, the receptionists seemed to have received a notification earlier, saying that Hector was not
in.Heidi’s expression changed.“How could he not be here? This is my grandson’s company, and I’m his
grandmother.You people are all useless! Let me up, and I’ll look for him myself.”The receptionist looked
up at her.“Ma’am, if you continue to cause us trouble without any particular reason, I’ll summon the

security.”Heidi was so angry that she was about to say something, but that was when the relatives who
were standing at the side stopped her.“Forget it, so many people are watching us.Hecky might be
hiding from you, so why not go to his house and wait for him there? He must return home at night,
right?”Heidi felt that what she said made sense, rolled her eyes at the receptionist, turned around, and
left.The receptionist then called the administrative office, and Hector answered the call.After the
receptionist reported something to him, Hector pursed his lips and smiled.“Thank you for your hard
work.”After the call was over, the receptionists all complained on Hector’s behalf.“Our new boss seems
pretty nice.Why would he have such an unreasonable grandmother?”

Another employee came over and said, “I heard that some of the boss’ relatives came and asked the
boss t o arrange a job for their sons or daughters, but he rejected their requests.” “This phenomenon is
really strange.Why would he help those relatives? The ex-director hired his relatives too.And as a
result, his relatives were the ones who made a mess out of the company.I really fear all kinds of
relatives now.”In the evening, Hector went to pick Lucy up after getting off work.Lucy stood at the
entrance and waited until she saw his car parked in front of the stairs.She then ran over with a smile,
opened the car door, and got into the front passenger seat.Because the car windows were not raised,
the two female staff members who came out of the building saw the man sitting in the car and were
astonished.“Isn’t that…Ms.Vanderbilt’s cousin?”Watching the car drive away, they were all surprised b y
what they saw.When Lucy realized the car was not heading back to the Lakeview Apartment but
elsewhere, she asked, “Aren’t we going back to your place?”Hector responded with a hum and looked
ahead.“I probably won’t be able to go back home tonight.”

She stared at Hector.“Did something happen?”Lucy had heard rumors in the company that Hector’s
grandmother had come and caused Maisie some trouble earlier today.In fact, she did not know much
about Hector’s family.Still, judging from the comments and gossip she heard today, she could roughly
get a picture that Maisie had a bad relationship with Hector’s family.Hector held on to the steering
wheel and was silent for a long time.“Let’s go out for a drink tonight.”As far as Lucy could remember,
Hector did not seem t o be someone who liked to drink.He would only drink when something was

bothering him, but she did not ask much and agreed to the idea with a smile.“Okay, it’s good to get to
drink beer and eat some grilled skewers.”Hector gave off a helpless smile.“You seem to love skewers
very much.”Lucy responded with a light hum and a hint of smugness on her face.“Don’t you know?
Eating grilled skewers and drinking beer is the most wonderful thing to do when you’re in a bad
mood.The joy of life is all about eating, drinking, and enjoying life to the fullest, isn’t it?”

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