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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1432

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Hector’s expression dimmed slightly.“Grandmother, it’s okay if you dislike Maisie, but you have no right
t o slander her.”Madam Vanderbilt was about to lose her temper, but Yorick stopped her instantly.
“Mother, Hecky has brought his girlfriend here to pay you a visit. Why are you acting so irritably?”‘His
girlfriend?’ The two relatives and Heidi looked at Lucy immediately.Lucy smiled politely at them and
then brought the supplements to her.“Madam Vanderbilt, don’t get so worked up if you’re sick and
hospitalized.Getting angry will only worsen your condition.These are some supplements that I bought
for you.”Heidi took a closer look at her.‘She’s dressed in ordinary clothes.At first glance, she looks like
a daughter from a poor family.So, perhaps she’s only gotten together with Hector because of his
status”“What’s your parents’ status?”Lucy’s smile stiffened slightly.Heidi did not accept her
gifts.Instead, she crossed her arms and claimed, “You have to be a daughter of some wealthy family or
someone with great influence if you want to get into the Vanderbilts.As for an ordinary woman like you,
keep dreaming. “Hector has just become the owner of an entertainment company, and I think you’ve
only gotten together with him for his money and status.”She did not utter any swear words, but her
choice of words and tone sounded extremely offensive, as if she was mocking Lucy.Hector’s
expression looked gloomy.He stepped forward, snatched the bag of supplements from Lucy’s hand,
and threw it into the trash can.“You can refuse them if you don’t want to keep them.There’s no need to
make things difficult for her.”He then grabbed Lucy’s hand and left the ward with her.“Hector Vanderbilt,
you brat, get back here!”No matter how loudly Heidi shouted, her grandson did not even turn his head
around.She was so angry that she swept all the items on the table to the floor.“This brat really has
picked up all the bad traits from Maisie.”“Mother,”Yorick took a deep breath, and his cheeks bulged,
“I’ve really misread you.You haven’t changed a bit after so many years.All the misfortunes that the
Vanderbilts have undergone throughout all these years originate from you.”Yorick slammed the door
and left.Heidi sat on the bed, feeling astonished and speechless.

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