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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1435

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“It’s your own fault if Dad renounces you.”

Hector ignored her and walked into the delivery room.

Heidi turned pale, and her arrogance dissipated.

The next day, Yorick moved out of the ancestral Vanderbilt mansion.

The neighbors said Heidi almost caused her daughter-in-law to lose her child and had no sympathy for

They had been living on the same street for a long time and had witnessed how she pushed people

After the incident involving Yorick and Hector, she had been more passive, but unfortunately, she was
still the same person inside.

Her family had broken up, and her children and grandchildren had abandoned her.

Even though it was sad, she deserved it.

After a week…

Maisie visited her aunt, Bella, at the hospital.She was holding the baby girl in her arms.

The baby was asleep after she was fed.

Maisie sat down next to the bed.

“How are you feeling?”

“Much better.”

She smiled and nodded.She was grateful when she found out that Maisie was the one who had saved
her.“It’s all thanks to you that this child was saved.” Maisie smiled.“Don’t mention it.”There was a big
difference between this aunt and Yannis.All one could say was that Yorick was lucky to be able to get a
good wife at his age.“By the way, I heard Hector will be coming over with his girlfriend.Honestly, I’m
quite surprised that Hector is fine with me as his stepmother.”“Girlfriend?” Maisie paused.Bella was
curious.“Didn’t you know?”Before Maisie could reply, Hector walked in with Lucy next to him.When
Lucy saw Maisie, she was surprised.“M-Ms.Vanderbilt.”Hector was holding her hand.Maisie suddenly
smiled and stood up.“It’s Lucy.”

Lucy was a little awkward because she wasn’t ready to tell Maisie yet, but now she knew.“How could
you hide this from me?”Maisie pretended to be serious.Lucy lowered her head and didn’t know what to
say.Hector spoke up.“Maisie, we started dating recently.”She crossed her arms and asked, “The night
of the party?”He paused, “Not yet.”Maisie chuckled, walked over, and patted his shoulder.“I guessed
something was going on, but I didn’t know it was true.I guess I was right.”Lucy pressed her lips
together.“Alright, you’re here to see Aunt Bella, so I’ll be off.”

Maisie smiled and left the room.After walking out of the hospital, she looked up and saw someone
familiar in a handsome suit standing next to the car.It was hard for anyone passing by to ignore
him.Maisie jogged toward Nolan and fell into his arms.“Why are you here?”Nolan hugged her.“You’re
not in Bassburgh, so I had t o come over to get you.”His hand slipped to her waist, and he buried his
face in her neck.“Did you miss me?” She said she did.Nolan whispered into her ears, “How
much?”Maisie was going to say something when she noticed Saydie and Quincy standing next to
them.She pushed him away.“Let’s go home!”On the way back, Nolan leaned back on the seat and
rested his eyes, his handsome face looking tired.Maisie let him lean on her and take a nap.She looked
a t Quincy, who was driving.“Why did you let him come all the way here? He’s so tired.”The flight from

Hewston City to Bassburgh was three hours long, and after he got off, he didn’t rest and came straight
to Coralia.He must have been drained.

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