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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1438

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The few men next to Cindy saw the white Land Rover parked nearby and knew something was wrong,
so they didn’t dare advance.

This wasn’t their turf, and they would be in trouble if they offended someone.

They picked up the man that was down and left.

Without her backers, Cindy was a lot less intimidating and ran away too.

Elaine was still processing what happened when the man helped her up.

“Ms.Xavier, are you alright?”

She looked at him, stunned.

“Aren’t you…”

She was familiar with him.It was the manager of the cafe.

He smiled and replied, “I was in the club with my boss, and we saw you when we came out.”

The man in the Land Rover walked over in his casual suit with a black turtleneck top.

The top was fitting, and the lines could clearly be seen.He was fit but not muscular.

Muscular people wouldn’t look great in fitted clothes, and people who were too skinny would make it
look hollow.He wore it nicely.He was a good-looking gentleman.

“Are you alright?” Elaine finally recovered and smiled.“I’m fine, thanks to you.” The man frowned when
he smelled the alcohol.“It’s not a good idea to drink and drive. Where do you live? I’ll send you.”He
then gave the keys to the manager.The manager took the keys and got into the Land Rover.Elaine

sobered up after what happened, but her head was aching.She could drive back, but she was afraid
the police might arrest her for a DUI.Thus, she accepted the offer.After getting into the car, she noticed
that the car was spacious and cool looking.“Thank you.Please send m e to the Xavier mansion at
South Lake Avenue.The manager nodded, then started driving.Elaine had a splitting headache on the
way back until the man handed her a sealed water bottle. “Drink up.It’s help.”“Thanks.”She took it and
twisted the cap.

“What a coincidence that you were at the club too.”He didn’t reply, but the manager smiled and said,
“That was indeed a coincidence.He went over because there was a meeting.”Ian Summer smiled.“Why
were you there then?”“To speak with some clients.”She threw her head back and drank from the
bottle.She drank half the bottle and burped.Ian turned his face to look at her and chuckled.“You need to
speak to clients too?”Elaine looked into his eyes.“How did you know who I am?”

The carriage was dark, so the outside lights lighted his face on and off.He looked away but answered
truthfully, “You were at Beyond Tech.I’ve heard of you.”“I think you’re quite an interesting person.”“I’m
not as interesting as you think.”They looked at each other, and the atmosphere changed in the dark
car.Unfortunately, it was ruined by Elaine’s sudden burp.He laughed.“You should drink more
water.”Elaine was ashamed, but she could only drink to ease the tension.The car stopped in front of the
mansion.Elaine got out, waved at them, and walked into the yard.The white Land Rover finally
disappeared into the night.At Blackgold…Quincy was speaking to Nolan in the office.“Mr.Saldana
knows some people in Hewston.I didn’t expect him to still hold a grudge against Tanner for not giving
him the Bronze Bay project.Mr.Saldana wouldn’t dare play tricks against Nolan in Bassburgh, but it
would be different once Nolan went to Hewston.

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