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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1440

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Chapter 1440“You shouldn’t drink with your clients too often.If you can’t get out of it, drink less.”Ian
paused for a few seconds, then jokingly said, “Or you could pretend to drink.” She paused before
sniggering.“Have you pretended t o drink before?”Pretending to drink was just a way to avoid drinking,
pouring the alcohol into another glass or just pouring it away when people weren’t paying attention.That
would be possible to pull off at a party with friends, but it was not advisable with clients.They would
think you were insincere if you got caught, and the deal might fall through.Ian chuckled.“I’m a man, so I
wouldn’t be in danger i f I got too drunk.” Elaine paused.When she was at Beyond Tech, she was the
owner’s daughter when she went out drinking with the clients, so they were courteous to her.However,
it was different now that she was just another employee.Women got taken advantage of because they
had to drink for their bosses and make the clients happy.It was bad for health, and there was a chance
of sexual harassment.There weren’t a lot of bosses who would help their employees.She looked at
him.“Are you always so caring to women?” Ian was honest.“Every man should respect
women.”Respect and caring were two different things.Respect all women and caring for all women; the
former was about upbringing, and the latter might cause misunderstanding.‘Nice guys’ treated all
women equally well, so it didn’t feel exclusive.On the other hand, men who respected women could be
‘nice guys’ too, but they would keep a distance.Elaine didn’t stay long and left the cafe soon after.Two
days later…There was a report about the three biggest corporations in Hydra KLake being involved in
tax evasion. The three companies were on the top in Hewston’s Eastern Business District, but these
companies had a solid partnership with Synergy.Quincy opened the private room’s door, and the man
inside immediately stood up when he saw Nolan.“You’re here, Mr.Goldmann.”Nolan unbuttoned his
suit, walked to the round table, and sat down.The man handed him a pack of cigarettes, but Nolan
declined the offer because he said he was trying to quit.The man poured him a glass of wine.“How can
I help you?”Nolan looked at the red wine being poured into the glass.“I heard that you have some
dispute with the companies of the Eastern Business District.”The man paused and looked up.“Why do
you ask?”Nolan took the glass and swirled the content.“What if I told you I could help you take over that
area?”Mr.Washington was startled.“Are you serious?”“Yes.”He looked at Mr.Washington and calmly

said, “We’re on the same side.We both have a bone to pick with Mr.Saldana.”Mr.Washington was
shocked but understood what he meant.“You were the one behind what happened?”Nolan drank the
wine.“Mr.Saldana was dishonest and tried to ambush me while I was in Hewston.I had to teach him a
lesson.“I’ll help you take over the Eastern Business District, which is beneficial to me.I have to remove
the obstructions in Bronze Bay.”Mr.Washington suddenly understood.Mr.Saldana had offended Nolan
because of Bronze Bay, which was why he was going against the three biggest groups in Hydra
Lake.Mr.Saldana was a shareholder of the three companies, and everyone respected him.Thus, he
could have his way.On top of that, Mr.Saldana had a good life due to the ten casinos’ messy accounts.

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