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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1442

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Chapter 1442Ian closed both the doors and replied, “Build on interest?”He cocked his head and looked
at Elaine. “There isn’t a permanent interest in this world.”She did not say anything.He turned around to
look at her and smiled.“Do you want to stay back and help me to clean up the mess, Ms.Xavier?”Elaine
looked at the mess on the floor as well as the cups on the table that hadn’t been cleaned.She let out a
chuckle suddenly and said, “I can’t believe that you’re asking your customer to help you clean your
shop, Mr.Saldana.”He returned to the front desk and replied, “You’re not my customer now, and I’m not
the boss.”In other words, since his shop was closed, she was not his “customer” anymore.Elaine then
went forward and helped him clean the cups on the table.Although there were maids in her house,
washing a cup or something was not difficult for her.She looked toward Ian, who was cleaning the sink,
and asked, “Who were those two men? And did they just call you ‘Young Master Saldana’ just
now?”Ian was momentarily stunned, and something flashed across his eyes.“I’m not a young
master.”“Seems like you’re rather mysterious, Mr.Saldana.”“Are you interested in me?”He looked at
her.She froze and chuckled.“Nobody likes a mysterious person, including me.”“Really?”I thought it was
that kind of interest.”“What do you mean?”She was baffled.Ian smiled and replied, “Nothing.”After they
finished cleaning up the mess, he turned off all the lamps except the ones on the wall.Then, both of
them came out of the coffee shop.As she was walking, Elaine rubbed her wrist.She did not expect that
washing some cups and plates would b e so tiring.Ian walked up to her side, keeping a rather
comfortable distance from her, and said, “To express my gratitude, let me buy you a meal
tomorrow.”She raised her head to look at him.The neon light backlighted his face, and the outline went
from blurred to clear to deeply defined.She was stunned for a moment before quickly averting her
gaze.“Tomorrow, huh?”“Yeah, tomorrow,” he replied.“Sure.” Elaine walked to her car and opened the
door.She turned her head around to look at him as if she remembered something.“I get off work at 7:00
p.m.”After that, she drove her car and departed, leaving Ian to stand there as he watched her car
disappear into the corner.The next day, at Blackgold…Kevin came to look for Nolan.After thinking for a
night, he decided to work with Nolan.They signed the contract, and Nolan asked him how much he
knew about them.He fell silent for a moment before replying, “I don’t know much about them.However,

I’m familiar with the customers that had fallen into Juan’s scheme before.”Nolan leaned against the
back of the chair and continued.“How about his family?”Kevin was stunned for a few seconds.“Are you
going t o target his family?”“Well, just in case,” replied Nolan.It took Kevin a long while before he
replied, “I’m not very familiar with Juan’s family.I just heard that he has a son.However, his son has
some mental problems, and he has never mentioned him before to the public.”Many people suspected
that Juan did not have a son because he had never attended any occasions with his son before.As for
his wife, both of them had been estranged for years.Although they hadn’t gotten a divorce yet, their
marriage was basically dead.“Where is his wife living?”“She’s staying in the Riverside Residential in
Hewston.”Quincy came back into the office when Kevin left.“Are you looking for me,
Mr.Goldmann?”Nolan gave the document to Quincy and said, “I want you to go to the Riverside
Residential in Hewston and pay a visit to Mrs.Saldana.”The weather was hot and stuffy in the early
autumn.Arain shower fell in the evening.As soon as Elaine got off work, she received a call from
Ian.His white Range Rover was parked in the pouring rain, and it looked sparkling clean as if it had just
been washed.Ian got out of the car, holding an umbrella.He was wearing a black trench coat and
looked even more mysterious and melancholic on this rainy day.The rain splashed on his black leather
shoes as he continued to walk under the eaves.He moved his umbrella over to her side and said, “Let’s
go.”Elaine was stunned for a moment before walking under the umbrella.The umbrella was mostly
slanted over her side.It protected her from the rain but exposed his shoulders and arms as well.

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