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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1448

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Although Juan had never visited his son, it was uncommon for him to have not abandoned him.

The amount of money he paid to the psychiatric hospital every year was worth millions of dollars.

Marco had someone to personally serve him in the psychiatric hospital.

After all, his father was the well- known Mr.Saldana—the hospital would definitely not treat him badly,
and he would surely not suffer while staying there.

Marco’s mental illness was congenital.

Sometimes, he would act normally, but the onset would send him into a rampage from time to time.

There was no other way but to place him in a psychiatric medical center and provide him with quality
food, drink, and treatment.

Nolan laughed.

“What a pity.”

“But Mr.Saldana has another son.”

“Another son?” Quincy remembered something.

“Yes, Mrs.Saldana said that Mr.Saldana was quite a playboy in private back then.He had an
extramarital affair with another woman when Mrs.Saldana was pregnant, and the affair went on for six
whole years.

That woman even secretly gave birth to a son to challenge Mrs.Saldana’s position in the
Saldanas.“However, Mr.Saldana’s career was not as successful as it is now, and he still needed to rely

on Mrs.Saldana’s connections to support his career.So, although the son his legal wife gave birth to
has mental problems, he still needed her support.As for his mistress and the illegitimate son, why
would he care? He only paid her a huge amount of money to drive her away.”Nolan did not speak
another word.Quincy left the office and met Maisie and Saydie in the corridor.He smiled and moved
forward.“Mrs.Goldmann, you’ve come.Mr.Goldmann is in the office.” Maisie asked Saydie to wait for
her outside and pushed open the office door.Nolan put down the documents, lifted his gaze, looked at
the woman walking toward him, stretched his arms, and took her into his arms.“Aren’t you
busy?”“Today is an exception.”Maisie wrapped her arms around his neck.“Our father’s birthday is just
around the corner, so I want to pick him a birthday present.” Nolan paused for a split second and asked
with a grin.“Don’t you give him a present every year during his birthday?” “Yes.”

Maisie pinched the front of his shirt.“But I want to organize a huge party for him this year, so I can’t just
buy him the things that I used to buy in the past, right?” He laughed out loud.“What a daughter-in-law
you are.” She gave off a smug scoff.“He’s been treating me like his biological daughter throughout all
these years, so I can’t just let his love for me be flushed down the drain, right? So, no matter what, I
should be in charge of this year’s birthday celebration, shouldn’t I?” Nolan felt helpless and caressed
her cheek with his fingertips.“You can do whatever you want.”“But the present is an issue.” She hugged
him coquettishly.“Hubbyyy! Please give me some ideas.I don’t want to give him something twice.I want
to give him something special this year!”Nolan held her in his arms, rubbed his chin against her hair,
and the joy in his eyes almost overflowed.” You can also give him an old wife as a present.” Maisie was
at a loss for words.

‘Isn’t he afraid that his father will beat him to death?”After a while, Maisie walked out of Nolan’s
office.She lifted her head and saw Saydie pressing Quincy against the wall.Saydie clutched his hands
with one hand and removed his glasses with the other hand.Quincy looked as weak as a woman when
he was standing next to Saydie.The huge contrast surprised Maisie.When Quincy saw Maisie, he
exclaimed anxiously, ” Mrs.Goldmann, please save me!”She sneered and walked over with her arms
crossed.” Did you provoke Saydie again?” Saydie released him.He took his glasses back, took out a

handkerchief, and cleaned them.He wondered what she ate when she was growing up—her strength
was scary!“I didn’t provoke her.She just doesn’t like me.That’s why she wants to practice her martial
arts with me.” Saydie looked at him.“Do I look that idle? Why would I find myself a weakling to practice
with?”“A weakling?” Quincy choked on his own words and then laughed angrily.“I’m not a weakling,
okay? It’s just that I’m in charge of being the brain instead of the brawn here!”

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