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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1453

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Quincy was impressed by his tactics.He would still have a chance as long as he survived, and that was
why Synergy had never been investigated.

They would never find anything suspicious.

The numbers in the public account would not tally with the earnings of Hewston.

Nolan chuckled.

“I guess he has other accounts.” Quincy scratched his head.

“I’ve checked the casinos, and the accounts under his name were clear.There was no extra money.”
Nolan frowned.

“Look into his illegitimate son.”

He wanted to get this done quickly and didn’t want to complicate things, so he had to first make sure
that the illegitimate son would not be in his way.

At that moment, Nolan received a message from Helios.

[You’re an *ssh*le for tricking me.]

At the Goldmann mansion…

After showering, Nolan told Maisie about Helios cursing him out.

Maisie was applying her skincare at the dressing table and burst out laughing.

When she had taken over Glitz, Nolan insisted on transferring it to Helios.Now that Barbara had
confessed to Helios, Nolan had to ‘take the blame’.She got up and sat at the edge of the bed and

couldn’t help but laugh.“Are men usually that petty?”She was glad that Barbara had come clean, or
Helios would be really jealous.Nolan pulled her into his arms and pinched her chin.“Why are you so
happy that I got scolded?”She blurted, “I’m not happy.My heart aches.”Nolan didn’t believe her.Maisie
hugged his waist and chuckled.“Alright, that’s enough.It’s been so many years, and that chapter ended
long ago.”Nolan held the side of her neck and kissed her.“I would be jealous if you had something like
that too.”Barbara had never told Helios about Ian, and now that she did, and Ian was in Bassbough,
Helios would feel threatened as her husband.

Still, it was better that he found out now rather than finding out that this was hidden from him.Jealousy
was unavoidable, but if she came clean, at least they could deal with it together.Maisie chuckled, her
eyes beautiful like the night sky.“I’m not like you.You’re always the one who’s attracting others.”Nolan
was silent.“Now that our children follow in your footsteps, I’m afraid I will have too many sons and
daughters-in- law.”He smiled, then pinched her nose.“I’ve set my rules.My daughters- in-law must be as
pretty as you are, and my son-in-law must be better looking and richer than I am.” Maisie paused.“Why
is it harder for the son-in-law?”“Because we only have one daughter.”

Elaine and her colleagues were having a meal.The colleagues were having a great time, and their
private room was very hyped, but Elaine was drinking along i n one corner.She put down her glass and
got up to get some fresh air.She walked past a room, and the people inside saw her walk past and
thought that she looked familiar.“Mr.Saldana, I’ve seen the girl who just walked past at Young Master
Saldana’s cafe.”Juan’s face dropped.“Bring her in.”The man nodded and walked out.Elaine stopped in
front of the elevator when someone called out to her.She curiously turned around, and her expression
changed.He was the man asking to see Jan at the cafe the other night.“Ma’am, our director would like
to meet you.Could you come with me, please?”Elaine squinted at him.“Your director…is
Mr.Saldana?”The man realized that she knew who he was, so he smiled.“Since you know him, you
should come with me then.”

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