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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1456

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Elaine walked past the car and entered the courtyard.Ian watched as she walked inside.After a short
while, he started the engine and left. A few days later, Quincy returned with some information about
Ian.However, when he handed Nolan a copy of the information, he frowned when he saw the name on
it.[Ian Saldana]As he flipped through the document, he said, “This name rings a bell.”“Of course.He
was the boss of Glitz,” replied Quincy.Nolan did not say anything.Meanwhile, Edward was equally
surprised when he found out Ian’s identity.He had his secretary go confirm Ian’s identity at the
ministry.Ian had indeed been a member of the ministry and was once an undercover agent of the
higher-ups.He used fake names when he went on missions.He had also served as the head of the
crimes unit when he was young and had excellent abilities.He would have been the deputy director by
now if he had not resigned.Just when Edward was immersed in his thoughts, someone knocked on the
door.He placed the document down and said, “Come in.”The one who came in was one of his
employees.He stood at the door and said, “Mr.Xavier, Mr.Saldana is here.”Ian and Edward talked for
half an hour in the office.When the conversation was over, Edward politely walked him to the
elevator.“Jan, find a time and have Elaine bring you to our home for a meal.”Ian stopped in his tracks,
turned around to look at Edward, and smiled.“I’m free at all times.”At that moment, the door to the
elevator opened up, and Elaine was standing inside it.She wanted to ask her father about something,
but she did not expect Ian was there as well.Edward looked at her and smiled.“Elaine, right on time.I’ve
told Ian to have you bring him back for a meal one day.”She looked at Ian and came out of the
elevator.“It’s done?” she asked, her voice filled with disbelief.Ian smiled but did not say anything in
return.“What do you mean by it’s done?” Edward frowned.“Didn’t you like him very much and want me
to agree t o your marriage? So, I said yes now.”Since his daughter wanted to get married, he had to
say yes to it. Elaine was shocked.“Since when did I”“Let’s announce our engagement in these two
days.”Ian interrupted her with a smile on his face.He then turned his head around to look at
Edward.“What do you think?”Without waiting for Elaine to say anything, Edward thought for a moment
and replied, “Sure.Let’s do that.”Elaine seemed to have been excluded from their conversation.She
wanted to say something, but neither of them gave her a chance.After Edward finished speaking, he

returned to his office.Elaine chased after Ian into the elevator and asked, “What did you say to my
father?”Edward thought that she wanted to have a marriage of convenience with Ian because she
wanted to marry him.Therefore, she wanted to know what Ian had told her father and caused him to
misunderstand her.‘He even said I like him!?’Standing in the elevator, Ian pressed the floor button and
replied, “Your father has agreed to our marriage.Isn’t that what matters the most?”She was
stumped.“Yes, I’m very happy about that, but we’re just having a marriage of convenience.I want to
know what you told my father.”She couldn’t convince her father because they were just having a
marriage of convenience.Since Edward had agreed, it meant Ian had agreed to give her father some
benefits,, which was what she also wanted.However, from what her father said just now, it seemed to
her that he was not aware of her intention a t all and purely thought that she wanted to get married.Ian
looked at her and smiled, ‘Do you think your father would say yes if I didn’t tell him that?”After that, the
smile faded from his face as he added.“Rest assured.I know we’re just having a marriage of
convenience, not a real one.”Elaine’s engagement soon spread over the city.Many people
congratulated Edward for the two good things that happened to his family when they met him.First, his
stepdaughter had started a relationship with Nolan’s cousin-in-law, and now his daughter was getting
married.It was a double celebration.

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