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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1455

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Elaine had her hand on the side of her forehead.“Isn’t he your father?”Ian’s face tensed. “He has never
treated me as his son.”She parted her lips but didn’t say anything.She had noticed that the relationship
between Ian and his father was interesting.Rather than father and son, they were pretty alert around
each other.She turned to look at him.“Why did he ask to speak to me?”He didn’t answer but asked,
“What do you think?”“Because I know you?”“Why else?” Elaine chuckled.“Then why did you tell him
that we’re getting married? Wouldn’t he take the chance t o ask me for drinks then?”“He wouldn’t.”Ian
was certain about his answer, and that surprised Elaine.“What do you mean?”“Because he thinks that it
wouldn’t be worth his time.”Elaine looked at him.“You know him very well.”Ian stopped his car at the red
light and looked at her.“It’s not always a good thing when I know someone very well.”She paused and
didn’t answer.Ian was undercover once, so he had to know who was going against him before he went
under.His cover would have been blown if he didn’t take time to know who he was up against.One
needed to know their enemies well enough to have the upper hand.Some people thought that they
were better than everyone, were arrogant, and thought they deserved what they had, so they looked
down on others.People like these wouldn’t be good leaders.They would just b e empty cans.The light
turned green, and he continued driving.Elaine stayed quiet for a long while.“You’re not important to him
because you’re just an illegitimate son, right?”“He wouldn’t waste his time on an illegitimate son,
especially when he thinks that the women I dated weren’t presentable.He wouldn’t be ashamed of that
either.” Juan had never announced who Ian was, so it didn’t matter who he married because it wouldn’t
be related to the Saldanas.He just needed this son to do what needed to be done, which was why it
had taken him so long to search for him.After enjoying the benefits and lying low overseas, the purpose
of the illegitimate son would come to light.Elaine pressed her lips together.All she heard was ‘all the
women he dated’.“Have you dated a lot of women?”The car stopped outside the gates of the Xavier
mansion.He pulled the handbrake and turned to look at her.“On the surface, yes.”“You asked them for a
marriage of convenience as well?”“No.”She was curious, “What then?”He calmly said, “Because my job
required that.”He put his arm on her backrest and leaned forward.“Do you mind?”Elaine paused, then
snapped back, looked away, and smiled, “This is just a formality, so I wouldn’t mind.”He lowered the car

window and let the cool breeze blow at his collar.He turned off the headlights and sat there in the dimly
lit night.It was quiet in the car, and the sexual tension of two single people sitting there together would
have devoured everything.However, he never thought about it that way.Elaine broke the silence.‘‘Have
you spoken to my father?” He nodded.“I did.”“And?”“He didn’t object.”Elaine was a little
surprised.“What did you speak to him about?” Ian smiled.“It’s a secret.”“Tsk, you have a secret
together?”She opened the door and stepped out.“I’m going in.Drive safely.”

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