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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1454

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Elaine followed the man into the room.

There were only five people, and Juan sat in the middle.

The man next to him was pouring him a glass of wine.

“Mr.Saldana, she’s here.”

The person next to him asked her to take a seat, so she walked over and sat down as a courtesy.

“How may I help you, Mr.Saldana?”

Juan poured her a glass.

“Are you close with Ian?”

She replied, “I know him, but we’re not close.”

He chuckled.

“How well do you know him?”

Elaine casually replied, “I know that he’s your son out of wedlock.”

Mr.Saldana’s expression froze.

“If he told you that, you must be special to him.”

He handed the wine glass to her, and she took it out of courtesy.At that moment, the door of the room
opened.The man standing outside looked at Elaine, who was sitting next to Juan.“Why are you
here?”She wanted to say that his father had invited her, but Juan laughed before she could.“I heard

you’re quite close with this lady, so I wanted to meet her.”Ian walked to the table, picked up the wine
bottle, and poured himself a glass.“I haven’t had a drink with m y father before.”He filled the glass and
took a drink first.Juan filled up his own and then said, “Are you showing me courtesy because of this
lady?”Elaine was surprised because she didn’t know what this had to do with her, but she kept her eyes
on Ian.Ian calmly poured himself another drink.“I wanted to introduce your future daughter-in-law to
you, but you invited her in before that.”Elaine was stunned for a few seconds.

‘Future daughter-in-law?’ She didn’t remember confirming their marriage of convenience.Juan
frowned.“You’re getting married?”Ian held the empty wine glass and smiled.“Aren’t you happy that I’m
getting married?”Juan looked at him.Ian was just an illegitimate son to him, and all he could do was be
his scapegoat.It didn’t matter who he got married to.Since the family business wouldn’t go to him, Juan
didn’t need Ian’s marriage to bring in more benefits.He laughed.

“Of course, I’m glad that you’re getting married.”He got up and asked someone to fill their glasses for a
toast.“Ian, if you’re getting married, come back and live with us.I’ll help you plan your wedding.”Ian
smiled, but his expression was hard to read.“Thank you, Father.”After staying there for a while more,
Ian brought Elaine away, and Juan didn’t stop him.Once they left, the bodyguard asked Juan, “Do you
want me to look into that woman?”“Why?”Juan stared at him and smirked.“He’s just an illegitimate
child.No socialite would be interested in him.”He had looked into Ian’s past.He had a small business at
the market and also worked with the mob.They were jobs that people weren’t proud of.The women that
he dated were people Juan would never take a second glance at.This woman he was going to marry
seemed to be different from the others, but it seemed like another woman trying to marry into a rich
family.Why else would she know who he was? The street lights lit up the car as Ian was driving Elaine
back.His hands were on the steering wheel while he looked forward.“You just went with him because
he invited you in?”

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