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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1458

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“I’m not meddling with your private life,” Elaine replied as she rested her chin on her palm.

“I’m just curious about it. It’s a whole different thing.”

Ian did not reply.

Since he did not reply, Elaine was even more confident that he must be hiding something.

After all, women’s intuition was always right.

She took a sip of her soup and continued.

“If you’re worried that I might go around and tell everyone about your past, you can rest assured.My
lips are tightly sealed.However, if you still refuse to tell me anything, I won’t force you either.”

He laughed and said, “Thank you for your understanding, Ms.Xavier.”

“I’m going back to my company after the meal.I’ll leave the engagement banquet in your hands,
Mr.Saldana,” said Elaine.

“Let me take you back.”

She was stunned.

“I don’t think that’s necessary, right?”

“Well, even if our marriage is fake, we still need to put on a show.Don’t you think so?” Ian replied flatly.

Elaine fell silent.

Ian sent her back to J Tech Inc.

He watched as she walked into the office before driving away.When her colleagues saw him, they all
gathered around her and asked if he was her fiance.After all, he had sent her to the company himself
several times, and he only left after she came in.He treated her so well, and all of them were envious of
her.Elaine fell silent for a few seconds before replying with a smile, “Yeah.He’s very nice to me.”Other
than his identity and his personal feelings, Ian was perfect.A week later…The engagement ceremony
of the Xaviers was held in the banquet hall of the Rosemberg Hotel.All guests attending the banquet
were friends of Edward who were deeply involved in the business and had come to congratulate
Edward.As Edward’s soon-to-be son-in-law, Hector was invited as well.As for Maisie and Nolan, both of
them were present too.After all, there was no way Nolan would let his wife attend an occasion like this
alone.Many people were envious of Edward.He had not done anything, yet he became one of Nolan’s
extended families, thanks to his son-in-law.

Nolan was swirling the wine in his glass as he stood insouciantly amongst the crowd.He was not
interested in the engagement ceremony.He was there because of his wife as well as because he
wanted to meet Ian.Maisie was talking to Lucy and Hector.Lucy did not seem so happy about Elaine’s
engagement.Instead, she looked a little worried.Maisie noticed it and asked, “What’s
wrong?”“Huh?”Maisie’s question successfully pulled Lucy back to reality.She gave Maisie an
embarrassed smile and replied, “Nothing.”Today was Elaine’s engagement ceremony.She figured that
she shouldn’t make any comments that would kill the mood.

Besides, she knew that Elaine wouldn’t take it seriously either.Maisie knew that she had something to
say.She more or less could guess that it was about Elaine.However, since Lucy refused to say it, she
did not press on.She squinted and looked at Edward, who was talking with someone happily.Honestly,
she was kind of surprised when she learned of Elaine and Jan’s engagement.At the same time, Elaine
was still inside the dressing room.She put on a pair of tassel earrings and looked at herself in the
mirror.She rarely put on makeup, and she would only wear light makeup on important occasions.Since
it was her engagement ceremony, her makeup tonight was much more delicate.When she looked at
her reflection in the mirror, she felt she was looking at someone else instead of herself.She was

wearing a white, bare-shouldered dress with crepe silk sleeves.The dress wrapped her body like a
glove, and the hem looked like a blooming flower.It was sprinkled with tiny fluorescent sheets as if it
was studded with countless rhinestones.Someone from the outside knocked on the door and asked,
“Ms.Xavier, are you ready?”“Yeah, I’m ready.”She retracted her gaze and took a deep breath.She kept
telling herself that this was just an engagement ceremony and that there was nothing to be nervous
about.She pulled the door open, and when she turned her head, she saw Ian talking to the staff in the
corridor.He was tall and stood out a lot amongst the crowd of staff with his distinctive white suit that did
justice to his body physique.

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