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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1469

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Elaine forced a smile.“I didn’t know that he had a blade.”She just didn’t want him to be hurt. Ian put
pressure on her wound and cradled her in his arms.“Hang in there, Elaine, don’t fall asleep.”When the
ambulance got there, Elaine was put on the stretcher and taken away.Ian’s hands were covered in her
blood.Elaine had lost consciousness by the time she got to the hospital, and they had to send her to
the ER.When Edward and Jenna received the news of the incident, they rushed over and saw Ian
standing in the corridor.“Where’s Elaine? What happened?”“I’m sorry,”Ian looked down, “I dragged her
into this.”Edward’s knees turned into jelly while he looked at the red light of the ER, looking
worried.After two hours of surgery, the doctors exited the ER, and Edward immediately went forward to
ask, “How’s my daughter?”The doctor removed his mask.“Are you a family member of Ms.Xavier?”“I’m
her father.”He said in a heavy tone, “She’s safe, but the blade pierced too far in and hurt her womb.I’m
afraid she won’t be able to have her own children.”Edward was devastated when he heard that.Ian
pressed his lips together and felt that a huge stone was pressed on his chest because he couldn’t
breathe.Jenna was pregnant, so Edward asked her to go home while he continued speaking to the
doctor.Elaine was transferred to a private room, but she was still asleep due to the effect of
anesthesia.Edward looked toward the room.His heart ached because his daughter had to go through
that.She had lost her ability to bear children, and not all men are fine with that.He would be worried if
she didn’t get married because he knew how she was. There was no point pushing her.Edward was
worried that if someone married her, she would end up like her mother.Elaine was finally engaged and
was getting married, but this happened.Edward walked into the room and saw Ian sitting in silence
beside the bed.Edward sighed and looked stoic.“I can’t blame you for what happened to Elaine,
Ian.You can see how she is right now.”Edward understood what he meant.He stayed silent for a
moment before looking up.“Sir, I know what you’re worried about.”Edward was surprised.“You don’t
mind?”He didn’t mind that Elaine would be barren? Ian looked down and puffed his cheeks.“We can
always adopt if she wants.”Edward looked at Ian because he had surprised him.After all, people would
rarely choose adoption because the children were not their own.Edward didn’t say anything after that.It
was late, so Ian asked Edward to go home and rest, and he would stay there.Edward trusted him, so

he let him stay.Ian looked at Elaine lying in bed with an overwhelming surge of feelings.By the time the
anesthesia wore off, it was almost midnight.Elaine slowly opened her eyes and realized she was lying
in a hospital bed.The IV drip coursing through her body was cold.She felt that her hands were freezing,
and she shivered even with the blanket.Ian walked in and noticed she was awake, so he hurried to the
side of the bed.“You’re awake.”Elaine nodded, and her dried lips parted, “I’m cold.” Ian asked the nurse
for more blankets.She started warming up when the nurse brought some over and wrapped two more
layers over her.Ian quietly asked in a gentle voice, “Are you still cold?”

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