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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1464

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Elaine was astounded and explained casually, “I’ve already gotten used to it.”Ian stared at her and let
off a faint smile.“You still have to get used to our new relationship.” Elaine took a deep breath and
smiled at him.“Okay, I’ll get used to it gradually.”She pushed the door open and got out of the car.He
glanced at her as she stepped into the mansion and slowly raised the car window.At this time, he
received a call from his father, Juan.At the Saldana manor…When Ian stepped into the living room, he
saw Juan sitting on the couch smoking a cigar while the servant beside him was brewing tea.He raised
his hand, motioned him to sit, and dusted off the ash.“Ian, I plan to give you a big gift before you get
married.”Ian sat on the opposite couch.The engagement between him and Elaine had not been fully
disclosed.It was just an agreement between him and Edward.Thus, Juan should not know about it.Ian
smiled.“Then I truly look forward to what kind of gift you’ll give me.”Juan placed the cigar on the ashtray
and picked up the teacup.“The equity of the company in Hewston, do you want it?”Ian’s face remained
unchanged.“Is it appropriate for you to give me shares?”“How is it inappropriate?”Juan took a sip of
tea.“Your brother, Marco, can’t inherit it.But you’re my son too, aren’t you? I’ve ignored you throughout
all these years, and I wish to make up for you before you get married.” Ian lowered his gaze.“It’s my
honor that you’re willing to promote me.”Juan did not see that Ian had any ulterior motive.He only knew
that his illegitimate child had had a difficult life.As such, he would be extremely grateful a s long as he
gave him some benefits.“Tan, I have faith in you.I hope you won’t let me down.”“I won’t let you down,
Father.”The conversation ended after a short while.Juan asked Ian to go to Synergy tomorrow to sign
the contract, and he would arrange for him to go to Hewston to take over the company.Seeing that Ian
agreed to the proposal without any hesitation, Juan was satisfied with the outcome as Ian bid him
goodbye and left. Ian returned to the cafe.As soon as he entered the door, the store manager told him
someone was looking for him.His brows creased.“Who’s that?”The store manager glanced over to a
corner of the café.“She’s there.”Ian looked at the window seat.The woman sitting there was none other
than Barbara.Barbara had made a decision before she came to him.She felt the need to talk to him
until a silhouette sat down opposite her.She raised her head and met Ian’s profound gaze.He asked,
“How have you been doing over the years?”She nodded.“I’ve been doing fine.”“You’ve lost a lot of

weight.”Ian rubbed the dial on his wristwatch as his eyes moved.“Is he treating you well?”Barbara
looked out the window.“Helios has always treated me very well.There’s no need for you to worry about
me.”“Good, I’m glad to hear that.”“I didn’t come to you with any obvious purpose.”He responded with a
soft hum.“I know.”Barbara lowered her eyes and held the coffee cup in her hands.“I heard that you and
Ms.Xavier are engaged.I’m here to give you my sincere blessing.”Ian remained silent, and all he did
was stare at her.“I didn’t know the nature of your work before this, and I was a little angry at you for
leaving me without any goodbye.Now that I know more about it, however, I’m not as furious as I
was.Not to mention that you secretly helped me three years ago.I’m very grateful for that.”She took a
deep breath and faced him calmly.“I hope that you can live a happy life too.”A woman sitting in a car
parked outside the cafe looked in the mirror to touch up her makeup while waiting for the driver to go in
and purchase her coffee.She then saw someone and felt a little familiar, so she took a closer look.‘Isn’t
that Elaine’s fiance? ‘He’s sitting with a woman whose long hair covers her side profile, so I can’t see
her face clearly”She picked up her cell phone, pointed it at the window, zoomed in, took a picture, and
then found Elaine on WhatsApp and sent it to her.

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