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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1472

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Elaine momentarily felt they were a real couple upon looking at his smile.Ian placed his hand on the
back of hers.She was stunned but clenched her hand into a fist instead of pulling it out.She could feel
his temperature through the back of her hand, and her palm was sweating. If this went on, she was
certain it would only be a matter of time before something happened to her heart.She pressed her lips
thin, and something crossed her mind.“Don’t you have something to do in Hewston?”“I’m postponing it
for two days,” he replied, “I’ll stay by your side to keep you company.”Elaine quickly averted her gaze
and smiled.“Honestly, you don’t have to do that at all.”

He chuckled and said, “You’re my fiance, so of course, I have to stay back and take care of you.”She
did not say anything anymore.She was a bit uncomfortable with such a great improvement in their
relationship.When Lucy returned to the ward, she noticed Elaine was in a good mood.She did not
mention anything else as a good mood was required for fast recovery.She did not want her sister to
suffer another blow because of this incident.Ian stayed at the hospital, taking care of Elaine for two
days straight.Even Edward had grown to like him even more.On the other hand, Elaine felt
embarrassed.After all, h e had to carry her to the restroom and would hold her hand whenever she was
sleeping.Every morning, he would go back home and prepare breakfast for her.He slept later than her,
but he woke up earlier than her. It was very hard for her not to fall in love with him, considering how
well he took care of her.Juan had been urging Ian to go to Hewston.Before he left, he came to the
hospital and kept her company for a little longer.“Be careful when you’re in Hewston.”

Elaine did not want him to get injured.Ian chuckled and said, “Don’t worry.I will.”After that, he rose to his
feet.“Feel free to contact me by cell phone when I get there.”“I’m sure you’ll be busy.I’m not going to
bother you,”Elaine said with a pout.“Nope.Even though I’m busy, I still can find time to talk to you,” he
said, stumping Elaine.A few ripples were raised as if a stone had fallen into a lake.After that, Ian
departed for Hewston.He had only left not long ago, and Elaine felt something was missing i n the
ward.At Blackgold…Quincy told Nolan that Ian had departed for Hewston.“It seems like that old sly fox
Juan is going to make Ian his scapegoat.”The police had been investigating the things happening in

Hewston.Most of the shareholders had withdrawn their shares overnight for fear of being dragged into
the troubled waters.Nobody was going t o take over the hot potato now.If he transferred the shares in
Hewston to Ian, the latter would be the person in charge.If the higher- ups there wanted to investigate
anything, they would only turn their target toward Ian.

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