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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1478

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“You’re gonna pay me back!”“Yes, yes, yes.I’ll pay you back.Calm down and let go of me first.”Saydie
stretched her arm forward as if she wanted him to pay her right now.

Quincy looked at himself and shook his head helplessly.“My wallet is in my pocket.My hands are full
now.”Initially, he wanted Saydie to help him carry the bags, but little did he expect that Saydie would
dive her hand right toward his pocket.Quincy was stunned and hastily pushed her hand away.“Wait!
Stop! Stop! It isn’t inside my pants! It’s in my jacket!”“Where is it?”“Jacket!”Quincy regretted it as soon
as he finished speaking.Most of the girls were much more refrained and wouldn’t do something like this
to another guy in public.However, Saydie did not seem to treat him as a man.When she was pulling his
wallet out, her hand grazed his chest.His shirt was thin, and the sensation caused goosebumps to
explode over his skin.

Saydie was confused and lifted her head to look at him.“Are you hot?” After she finished speaking, she
placed her palm on his chest.She noticed his body temperature was unnaturally high and asked, “Do
you have a fever? You’re so weak.”Quincy did not know what to say.He had never been s o speechless
before in his life.He took a deep breath.He decided to be the bigger man and forgive her.After all, she
did not do it on purpose.Besides, she did not understand that what she did was not right.“Don’t simply
touch a man’s body in the future.It’s improper for men and women to touch each other.”“You were the
one who asked me to take it, so I just took it,” Saydie said matter-of-factly.Quincy did not know if he
should get angry at her or not.“Then you should just take it.Why are you touching me…” She
harrumphed faintly.“So what if I touch you? You can touch me as well if you want.”‘Will he lose a piece
of meat just because I touched him? Men are so hard to understand”Quincy was rendered
speechless.Saydie opened the wallet and pulled $40 out of it.Quincy thought she would only take the
money for the ice cream.He had some small notes in his wallet, after all.He did not expect that she
would take $40!

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