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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 1475

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Quincy burst into laughter and said, “If I was having a birthday party, I would certainly not use these
decorations.Mr.Goldmann a guy.Don’t you think these are a little bit too colorful for him?”Saydie
took a look at the decorations that she had selected.All of them were recommended by the shopkeeper.
They told her that old people in their country liked to decorate their birthday parties with bright colors as
it would bring them good fortune.Resting his chin on his palm, Quincy looked at her and said, “Is this
the first time you’re decorating a birthday party for someone?”Saydie crossed her arms in front of her
chest and did not say anything.Quincy was grinning from ear to ear as he patted her shoulder and said,
“Don’t worry.Just stand aside and watch.”Quincy went around the shops to select the decorations
throughout the morning.He had grown u p in the Goldmann mansion, so he knew what Nicholas
liked.As for Saydie, she just followed him from one shop to another.It was said that all women loved
shopping, but it was the other way round when it came to them.The main reason was that he was
meticulous.Once he noticed a slight flaw, he would put the thing back and go to another shop. If he was
not satisfied, he would continue to change to another shop until he found the right one.Saydie would
never feel tired no matter how long a fight was, but she was defeated instantly when it came to
shopping.When Quincy noticed that Saydie was not keeping up with him, he turned his head back to
look at her.“Hurry up.We might not be able to get everything by evening at this rate.”Saydie took a deep
breath and sat on the bench.Quincy laughed as if he thought of something and walked up to her with
his arms around his chest.“Are you tired?”He had been wondering why Saydie had been exceptionally
quiet today.It turned out that she was exhausted.Saydie gnashed her teeth and turned her head
sideways.“You go by yourself.”‘Tsk, what a snotty girl.But, I finally found a way to torture her!’“No, it’s
not fun for me to go by myself.I just checked.We still have four or five stores that we haven’t visited, so
let’s go,” Quincy said with a triumphant grin tugging at the corner of his lips.Saydie lifted her head and
said, “I’m not going.”“You women won’t feel tired even if you go shopping for hours in high heels.How
come you can’t do it? What’s more, you aren’t wearing high heels either.”

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